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Fever, go away!

28 Sep

Fever won’t let up, body aches, total and extreme exhaustion.  This is one of the worst flares I can remember.

Also, my blood work came back with less than stellar reports.  5 of my blood irregularities worsened.  My WBC count is too low. And other oddities.  I am sure this is normal when you go off your meds.  I am just ready for some of these natural remedies to work.  I don’t pretend to enjoy kale for breakfast!

And yes, my doctor is monitoring me.  I have a call in to him right now and am guessing I am going to need a small amount of prednisone to get this one to quit.  I am also considering a juice fast since it did the trick last time.

These days are long and hard.  And I am so grateful to sweet friends who check on me and help me out. 

I asked God for strength to homeschool today.  And He not only gave it to me, but allowed both of the kids’ workloads to be light enough that we can actually do it all without having to let the teachers know that I am not well.  I HATE playing the “I am sick” card.  Sometimes I have to.  Not today 🙂

25 Sep

Had a bit of a stressful week.   Sure enough, it send me in a flare.  I am hoping it will go away soon.  On Friday, I started getting a fever and stayed in bed almost all day.  Followed that up by today and tomorrow in bed with fever. 

Still eating vegan.  Still exercising.  Still losing weight. Slowly, but surely! Hair falling out and face breaking out (always happens on flares). 

But tomorrow is a new day!  Hopefully I will wake up ready to take on a new week.  Until then, yaaaaaawn.  🙂

How I am feeling.

20 Sep

For those of you who would like to know how this new diet is affecting me, I can tell you the following:

-I am NO worse than I was ON the meds. Yay!  I am hoping it will only go up from here.

-I do have more symptoms like sores in my nose and hair loss and fever, BUT I have NO tummy pain!  This has been a life of tummy pain that I am out of for the first time EVER.

-I think it may be working!  I have moments of normalcy now and then.  And it feels fabulous!  I still nap for hours at a time (I am not a natural napper) and my body aches regularly.  BUT there are actually times where I feel totally normal!!!!

This is great news!  By the way, have you watched Forks Over Knives?  If not, do so.  You will have a greater understanding of the “why” behind the madness!  Don’t worry, it won’t show bloody cows or disgusting chicken fat!  Just a great documentary I think everyone should see.

Thanks for checking in and caring!

Healthy and Fabulous Tacos! (Shhhh, they are vegan!)

20 Sep

Today, dinner was a huge success!  I was really skeptical that I could pull this one off.  My kids know that every dish I put in front of them these days is somehow a vegetable….either in disguise or straight up.  One cares, the other doesn’t.  My picky one takes a microscope out, it seems!  And she is the one who first said the meat was great!  Yes, she thought it was taco MEAT!  And the best part, this was an inexpensive, easy meal that I made in under 30 minutes.

I took 2 recipes and put them together for these fabulous tacos.  Thank you Gretchen and Kate!  You are both fabulous cooks and I love using your great ideas!  You can even make these for carnivores!  They are full of good protein between the quinoa and black beans and there is nothing from a packet in sight.  SO good!�

Black Bean and Quinoa Tacos

 ½ cup finely chopped onion

2 cloves of garlic, minced through press

2 cans of black beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup of quinoa, cooked

1 T chili powder

2 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp ground coriander

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

8 oz can tomato sauce

Taco shells or Romaine lettuce to make wraps

Taco garnishes of your choice



Bring quinoa and water to a boil in 2 cups of water.  Simmer for 10 – 15 minutes, or until all of the water is absorbed.  Meanwhile….

Sautee onion and garlic in a pan.  You can add a little water for moisture of use a little oil.  I did mine dry and they were fine.  Cook over medium heat.  Once the onions are translucent, add in the drained and rinsed beans.  Add all of the spices and the tomato sauce.  Stir and cook while the quinoa cooks.  Lower the heat when the mixtures has lost most of it’s moisture.  (I used a non stick pan. I usually steer clear of non stick b/c…I just do…, but thought it would be helpful tonight while avoiding oil)

Once your quinoa is cooked, add a cup or two to your beans.  Continue cooking until the entire pan is heated through. 


Stir and taste for seasoning…. taco meat!!!  (as always, this is where your skills come in!  don’t serve until the seasonings taste right!)

Here is my harder to please eater eating her LAST bite of the taco!

And here is the eats-almost-anything one.  After he finished his taco, he asked for a bowl of just meat.  For realz.  (he likes being cozy… can you tell by the fact that he is ALWAYS in his undershirt.  I promise we make him wear clothes in public!)

Now, we all know I can’t have corn and must have cruciferous veggies at every meal.  So here is my version.  I made a slaw with no oil or sugar and it was a perfect accompaniment.  If you have not been here: you should.  I got my slaw recipe that I adapted, along with many other recipes.  My favorite blog out there for recipes!

Someday I will have a fancy camera!  Until then, enjoy the dark pictures 🙂

Try a vegan meal today!  You will be amazed at how good food can taste!

And like I say…if I am attempting to reverse a disease this this diet, could you be preventing one???  Food for thought!

(note, the family had cheese on theirs….just mine was totally vegan)

The shake blues.

14 Sep

So sometimes I am all gung ho on those shakes of mine!  I have now managed to get to the 3:1 ratio of veg to fruit, on the recommendation of Elisa at  Yay, me! 

And then today, I woke up and wanted NOTHING to do with those dang shakes!  I am tired of kale and collard greens for breakfast!  One kidlet was having cereal with bananas in it and the other was having buttered gluten free toast with a banana on the side.  Their food smelled FABULOUS!  And, I wanted COFFEE!  I made it through, drank my shake and had my water like a good girl :).

It is now lunch time.  And I don’t want to go downstairs and face it.  I want something tasty.  And it is all because I have eaten out more this week.  (thank you, Elisa, again, for teaching me!)  My taste buds are starting to want more oil, more salt, more FOOD!  They don’t like being tempted by what is out there.

But I am gonna pull up my big girl pants and see the next meal and the next and the next after that as my medicine.  And I am not going to complain any more.  I am blessed to have beautiful food to eat!

So broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, etc…bring it ON!

(ps…I have neither craved nor had chocolate in MONTHS. Can you believe THAT one?!?!?)

My doc ROCKS!

13 Sep

For real.  People constantly say things about doctors not being on board with natural remedies.  Well, mine is defying the odds!

I went in today, the first time seeing him since going off of my meds, fully expecting him to make some sort of medical recommendation.  He didn’t!  He was happy with where I am.  He wanted me to keep at it.  He asked specifically what foods I was avoiding and was happy to see that corn was on the list of no’s for me.  (this was before he knew I was allergic to corn)  He likes that I am completely off of gluten.  And we had a great discussion about what animals eat (CORN!) and why that can be so bad for us and, specifically, me.

He recommended I start taking Tumeric (not just plain ‘ole, but a specialized form which is basically wrapped in a fat molecule so it is delivered directly to where it needs to be absorbed).  He also wants me on algea oil.  Gave me the number of Omega 3’s he wants and explained the science behind it and that was that.

He said he would be happy for more of his patients to be like this but that the majority are just not interested.  And he said that he expects to see good results.  I think his main reasoning was that patients who actively seek alternatives and take steps to improve their condition, do!

He doesn’t like that I had fever for a week and a half and that my hair is falling out like CRAZY again.  These are things that have not happened since my disease was extremely active.  So he wants to see if these supplements knock some of that out.  And he took blood to see what is happening inside of me.  If my body is showing that some of my markers are getting worse, we will stay the course for the next few months and then reevaluate.  He wants to give this time to really work.

On a side note, I got stung under my arm by a bee in the Costco parking lot!  We were loading the car and I felt it and asked Lucky what on EARTH was dangling from my arm (it was right on the inside of my arm near my triceps).  He pulled the stinger out.  It hurt, but whatever.  Just pain.  HOWEVER, over the last few days it has been SO bothersome!  My arm is still so swollen and red (2 1/2 days later).  I held my arm up to my doc today and said, “So, I guess it is normal when you have an autoimmune disease to have a reaction like this to a bee sting?”  He said, “No!  THAT is an allergic reaction to a bee sting!  Do you have an epi pen?”  I don’t and should since I have had anaphylactic shock before.  So by tomorrow I will have one.  They have never tested for bees b/c I have never been stung.  For some reason, you can’t test for them until you have.  And you just never know when you will get a bad enough sting for a bad reaction.

I have had a few good days, mixed in with some hard ones.  But that flare has ended and I am trying to nap a lot and avoid stress (ha!!!) as much as possible.  And my dietitian, Elisa Rodriguez at, has been absolutely invaluable!  Please go visit her if you are considering this lifestyle change.  She has me doing things I never thought I could!

Glad to give a positive report! I am now off to bed to get that good stuff called SLEEP!

$10 for $20 to Spend at Whole Foods Market

13 Sep

$10 for $20 to Spend at Whole Foods Market