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Doc Appt and Weight

13 Dec

I love my doctor.

I went to see him this week.  It was a regular Lupus checkup.  My main concern was the instant weight gain that occurred in June.  Then same weight I can’t seem to get off.  The same weight I moaned about on here before.

The reason I love my doc?  He looked in my charts and agreed that my eating can NOT be the cause.  He saw one number in June.  Then just weeks later he saw a much higher number.  I promise y’all…I gained 10 lbs in just a few weeks.  How does that happen???  He is as perplexed as I am.

Most doctors tell you that maybe you are eating more than you realize, blah, blah, blah.  He said it would be crazy to attest it to my diet based on the speed with which I put it on.

And it isn’t budging.  One of the biggest perks of my new diet was that I had freedom to eat!  I felt free!  Now I feel confined and frustrated and that I don’t “deserve” treats.  How stupid is that?  I feel the need to punish  myself for gaining weight.  Dumb.

He is going to do another blood test in a few months. For now, I just keep on keeping on.  He loves where I am, health wise.  He doesn’t want me to change a thing.

I have had good days for a week and a half now!  He thinks that my last 4 months were rough because of Fifth’s Disease that I got this summer.  He attributes all of my kidney and liver markers being off to that, as well as just my general fever and fatigue.

I am so thankful for good days!  I am thankful for sweet friends.  I am thankful for foods that heal.  And I am super thankful for my doc.  🙂