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The "right" decision!

8 Dec

I went to the doc this week for a follow up.  All in all, I am improving very SLOWLY.  He was very pleased that nothing new had popped up.  He said that my white blood cell count is still below normal, which is a typical disease marker.  Also, I still have a positive ANA.  Again, just another marker that yes, I have a disease.

BUT…and here is the awesome news…nothing else in my bloodwork has taken a hit since going med free!  No organ involvement!  HUGE thing!  If the diet was not controlling the health of my organs, I would have had to consider some meds.

He looked at me square in the eyes and said, “Do you hear what I am telling you?  Brittany, you made the right decision!  You did it!  Keep going.  As much as I enjoy seeing you, I don’t need to see you back here for 6 months!”

He REALLY emphasized that I need to find rest in life.  He wants me to keep at the exercise because he feels it will help me with peace. But he paused and just looked at me and told me that stress of any sort will set me back.

Our family is already home a lot.  It is by far our favorite place to be.  Because of our diets, we don’t eat out all that much.  I am not in any mom groups or Bible studies.  Since we homeschool 3 days, you can often find us in pjs more days out the week than not.    Because of the way we school, we do not have homework.  So while our evening are full because of me teaching or the kids having activities, all in all, we are not rushing around.

We like it this way. I believe this has contributed to my healing, as well.

Sleep.  Lots of it.

Good food.  Lots of it.

Exercise.  Lots of it.

And avoiding stress.  It can’t always be helped.  But for that reason, we often say no to extra things.  We stay home from things a lot more often than we ever did. Please don’t be offended if we say no.  🙂

I felt led by God to do this.  I do not take any credit.  He has put the people in my life (Dr. Wickersham, Elisa Rodriguez, my FAMILY and friends) who have supported me and fed me and carried me through.  We have not arrived at health, yet.  But it is coming.

God is REAL.  And oh how He loves us!