How I am feeling.

20 Sep

For those of you who would like to know how this new diet is affecting me, I can tell you the following:

-I am NO worse than I was ON the meds. Yay!  I am hoping it will only go up from here.

-I do have more symptoms like sores in my nose and hair loss and fever, BUT I have NO tummy pain!  This has been a life of tummy pain that I am out of for the first time EVER.

-I think it may be working!  I have moments of normalcy now and then.  And it feels fabulous!  I still nap for hours at a time (I am not a natural napper) and my body aches regularly.  BUT there are actually times where I feel totally normal!!!!

This is great news!  By the way, have you watched Forks Over Knives?  If not, do so.  You will have a greater understanding of the “why” behind the madness!  Don’t worry, it won’t show bloody cows or disgusting chicken fat!  Just a great documentary I think everyone should see.

Thanks for checking in and caring!


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