Juice fast begins!

1 Sep


I am still having fever, achy body, exhaustion.  My hair is falling out like MAD. My sores on my scalp are not going anywhere.  I need some relief.

So the next step in this process of natural healing is doing a juice fast.  Ideally, a water fast would happen right now, but I am back on Lexapro.  And it may be too hard on my organs.  My dietitian is recommending that I stick with juices that I juice myself and even some all veg and fruit smoothies.  I am about to head to Whole Paycheck to stock up on organic fruits and veggies.  My fast is today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

I am ready for a breakthrough.  At least for symptoms to quit getting worse.  I WANT to do this naturally.  The meds made me so sick and increase my risk of cancer by a crazy amount and caused all of that crazy light sensitivity.

I am 4 hours in!  I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of praying for the starving people in the world over the next few days.  Nothing brings appreciate for what you have like deprivation.

Nourish your body today.  You never know when you will be the one who needs to combat a disease.


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