The shake blues.

14 Sep

So sometimes I am all gung ho on those shakes of mine!  I have now managed to get to the 3:1 ratio of veg to fruit, on the recommendation of Elisa at  Yay, me! 

And then today, I woke up and wanted NOTHING to do with those dang shakes!  I am tired of kale and collard greens for breakfast!  One kidlet was having cereal with bananas in it and the other was having buttered gluten free toast with a banana on the side.  Their food smelled FABULOUS!  And, I wanted COFFEE!  I made it through, drank my shake and had my water like a good girl :).

It is now lunch time.  And I don’t want to go downstairs and face it.  I want something tasty.  And it is all because I have eaten out more this week.  (thank you, Elisa, again, for teaching me!)  My taste buds are starting to want more oil, more salt, more FOOD!  They don’t like being tempted by what is out there.

But I am gonna pull up my big girl pants and see the next meal and the next and the next after that as my medicine.  And I am not going to complain any more.  I am blessed to have beautiful food to eat!

So broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, etc…bring it ON!

(ps…I have neither craved nor had chocolate in MONTHS. Can you believe THAT one?!?!?)


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