3 Sep

Liquids, liquids, and more liquids!

I am SO ready to chew something!  It is not that I am all that hungry.  I just want to chew!!

Each day has looked like this:

Breakfast: Juice, that I juice myself…of any of the following: apple, beets, pear, orange, cucumber, carrots, etc… (prob a cup and a half of juice)

Lunch: Blended Kale or bok choy with carrots and tomatoes or fruits.

Snack: Another juice.

Dinner: An avocado blended with either pineapple or mango or banana

Snack: banana pureed

The smell of food has satisfied me when I feel hungry.  All of the foods have been raw. And by blending or juicing I am predigesting, in a way, everything. Giving my body the instant nutrients and allowing it to focus it’s energy on healing.

I took a 2 1/2 hour nap today.  That is what happens when your body is healing and doesn’t have a lot of extra calories, I guess.

The good news: I have not had fever since the juice fast began.  First time in a few weeks to not have fever.  So even though lots of doctors advise against fasts…I can tell you that this one did good!  And it is not even a water fast or a complete juice fast!  My other symptoms are still here.

I worry about eating again tomorrow and what it will do to my symptoms.  But I am really excited about food!!  My sweet friend, Kate, made tomato soup for her family (vegan with low salt and oil) and brought me some.  I am SO excited because I will definitely be having that for breakfast (with some kale in it, of course….gotta have crucifers!).

Right now I am trying to meal plan for the week. It is challenging knowing what to feed the family in the midst of this.  Lucky actually wants to eat like me.  He is not wanting to be a vegan, but he feels like he gets plenty of meat outside of our dinner time. When we go out to eat or when he packs his lunches, meat is involved. Same with the kids.  They get plenty.  So dinner time is a way for me to introduce foods that nourish ALL of our bodies and make us all healthier.  Don’t get me wrong, I made meatloaf for the family last week. But I also made a vegan black bean soup one night.  Just trying to wade my through this new world….


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