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30 Nov

Not sure if I should be embarassed by this or impressed by my mad skills for napping.

But today, I hit a major wall.  Like, “I am going to fall asleep driving or else I need to nap right NOW.”  So I pulled my van to the back of a parking lot, climbed in the back seat, pulled a blanket up (Dani is always cold and Reid always hot- so we keep one in the car for her), wrapped my new comfy pants that I had just purchased around my eyes to block the light, and slept.  After an hour, I got up, drove to a ChicFilA to purchase a tea to wake me up, and went on about my day.  Who sleeps in their car?!?!

My pleurisy is back again.  I know I have said it is painful before.  And it is.  Still.  And my body feels like I am 80 yrs old.  Super achy joints.  And I can hardly think.  By far the most frustrating symptom.

As we enter the busiest time of year, I am wondering how this will play out.  We go to Denver on Thursday to visit Luck’s family.  Then we come home to the craziness.  Luck told me I am not doing Christmas cards.  Please don’t cut me off your list! I am hopeful that next year I will be feeling better and will get back to them.  He is a wise man to have me cut back.

I have not been writing much here.  Having something like an autoimmune disease is tricky.  I don’t want to complain b/c it could be so much worse.  But I feel like crap.  I cried falling asleep last night b/c I hurt and am tired of feeling bad.  I just want a reprieve.  I get exhausted being with people and trying to act normal.  But I refuse to be “that girl” and will not change the way I handle it.  This could be life long!  Nobody will want to be with me!!!  And yet, I am so incredibly grateful that this is not a life ender…just a quality of life changer.  It is weird.  Even from the beginning of this 6 months ago to now, there has been a change.  It feels like some people ask me how I am doing expecting me to say, “better!”  And when I don’t, there is an awkwardness. Even Luck notices it.  (which means it has to be true b/c he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt!)

So I will continue to try my hardest to blend in.  But I will be real here.  Then those who want to know, can 🙂  And if you see a white van parked and someone sleeping in the back, just say a little prayer.  🙂   And be impressed by my mad skills.


A sweet clarification

14 Nov

If you read my previous posts from today, I don’t want the wrong idea to come across.

We are only partly health nuts over here. Yes, the kids eat some weird things that I force them to. BUT….

-Sonic slushes are a favorite afterschool treat.  They don’t get them often.  But they get them.  I think Happy Hour is ingenious.  My goal is to switch from the blue coconut and strawberry ones that they order and move to the real fruit juice ones.  Yes, the juice is still mixed with the all sugar slush mix.  But it is not high fructose corn syrup mixed with all sugar slushy mix.  One step less bad?

-They love kids meals. Sonic, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, ChicFilA.

-I love to bake. So there is no lack of real treats around here, either.

Alright, I feel better. As I was falling asleep a few minutes ago, I keep jolting up worried that I sounded all high and mighty.  There is a real competition among moms. Which mom packed the healthiest lunch at a picnic get together?  Whose kids got fruit instead of fries with their happy meals?  Never spoken.  Ever.  But there. Definitely there.

I walk the line.  I often give in to the fries and drinks when we are with other people.  I don’t want them to resent their peers and then leave my home and then go hog wild with bad foods.  But we balance it out at home.  Sometimes.  Other times our family goes out and gets a giant nacho platter from Habaneros and devours every bit of it.  And I will admit, I look at what other moms feed their kids.  But the bottom line is that they eat well and hopefully in the end, will make healthy choices for themselves b/c they know that good foods can taste great AND make you feel great.

Okay, I feel better now 🙂

What the kids are eating.

14 Nov

What the kids are eating.

Click on the purple box above to go to my friend, Jennifer’s, blog.  It all about feeding your kids well!

Food ideas for the whole family.

14 Nov

Want to try crispy kale?  My picky eater even liked it!

Preheat oven to 375.  Rinse, dry, and chop kale.  I removed the thick stem.  Place kale on a sheet pan and toss in olive oil and sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.  Be generous.  I also used a garlic press and held it right over the kale.  I tossed it in with my hand.  Then bake for 15 minutes.  If it is crunchy, it is ready!  Feel free to eliminate the garlic.  They will be more kid friendly that way.

What about roasted sweet potatoes?

Preheat oven to 425.  Peel sweet potatoes and then chop into french fry type slices.  Toss in olive oil and s and p.  Roast until the edges are turning brown and it is getting crispy.  Call them fries, and your kids will love you 🙂

Or try this for a tasty avocado dip:

Take frozen mangoes and pineapples.  Throw a few in your food processor.  Add some freshly squeezed lime juice and sea salt and pepper. Process.  Then add an avocado or two and blend on pulse. Keeping as many chunks as you like.  Taste for seasonings.  Serve with a spoon or with Beanitos or even tortilla chips.  This keeps really well in the fridge if you cover with saran wrap, pressing the wrap against the dip. All four of us ate this last week for a meal.  Dani was hesitant until she saw the other 3 of us talking about how great it was.  Then she dug in and liked it, too!  Don’t under season, though!

Have you ever tried Beanitos?  They are chips.  But they are made of black beans and some rice.  They are sooooooo good!!!  The kids love them.

Today, we served all four of us the carrot, split pea, leek soup I talked about in the last post.  I knew going in to it that it would be a long shot to get the kids to even try the soup.  So before we sat down, I told them both that I would give them a square of my beloved chocolate if they finished their bowls.  This chocolate that I was offering is nothing to take lightly and they KNEW it!  For this is “Mama’s Chocolate.”  They know better than even asking for some.  My current favorite is this:

Amazingly, Reid dug in, rubbing his tummy saying, “yummy!”  Naturally, Daniella was a bit more apprehensive.  But the dark chocolate compelled her.  AND THEY BOTH ATE!  A victory in the Smith house.  Now no, they did not finish their bowls.  But they ate it.  With good attitudes.  So they got to share a square.

Don’t give up on your kids (or you!) eating healthy.  Just encourage, reward, and CONSTANTLY place healthful foods in front of them.  Often times it is reward enough for us to be so proud of the way they are eating.  And research shows over and over that simply placing it in front of them will lead to them eventually trying it and eating it.  Today called for the big guns.  And no, they won’t be coming out again any time soon. I am a bit possessive of that stuff!

Vegi Girl

14 Nov

I am a carnivore.  Like, I have considered buying some of those tacky shirts that sort of brag about eating meat.  You know:  “I love animals.  Medium rare”.  Or whatever.

But this cleansing diet has changed my palette completely. I actually go a few days and have to remind myself to eat a good source of protein.  In fact, I have not eaten any since Friday night.  And the weird thing is, I don’t want any!

I daydream about my next meal.  All day long I walk around excited about what veggie I will eat next.  Currently, crispy kale is high on my list. As is an avocado half sprinkled with a bit of sea salt.  Eaten side by side with a carrot. And my shakes…oh my shakes! I love them!!!!  I think the breakfast shake I love the most: Froz fruit, almond milk, unsweetened coconut flakes, almond butter, coconut milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. I still love my green shake, but more because I know how good it is for me.

My parents and I collaborated on a soup yesterday (my mom is sick and my dad helped her prep it, then I took it home to get the seasonings right….it is hard to do that when you are sick).  Carrots, split peas, leeks, and loads of other veggies. I adored it.  I did not want to stop eating it.  It filled me so full I did not want to move afterwards.


I will stop here.  It is just very strange for me.  I went to a shower that had lots of good looking food.  But I opted to not eat any of it.  I waited until I was back in the car and had raw almonds and a few dried figs.  Normally, I would say this type person is obsessed and needs to loosen up and enjoy life.  But, I don’t know…eating meat and dairy and eggs is just not worth it.  I feel so much better without them.

I am having some bad days.  I have been on the couch since yesterday afternoon.  I feel pretty crappy.  However, my good days sprinkled in now with the bad are sweet relief.

I am off to eat some carrot soup!  And no, the change is not permanent!  I am still in the detox phase.  I am sure my inner carnivore will be back.  This girl loves a good medium rare steak!


7 Nov

Recently, I have heard of people controlling their Lupus through their diet.  I have wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but frankly, did not have the brainpower to figure it out.

In steps Jen.  We met one day in the cry room when we were nursing our now 6 year olds. We instantly had a friendship because we both had degrees in nutrition, which is a rare thing!  And our babies were 8 days apart. And we both had a 3 year old daughters,as well. (Nevermind that she had one in between..she is crazy like that)

Today, we are both exercise instructors and foodies.  And we keep each other sane…or insane!  And we both wanted to do this detox/eat clean diet to see if we could make our insides healthier.  But honestly, I can’t think through much.  I have a fuzzy brain still.  Reading a book about such things (which up until now, I consumed nutrition books like candy) would be like telling me to scale a wall.  Not gonna happen.

So Jen spent a lot of her time making a Power Point presentation for me! She detailed how we were going to eat, why we should eat this way, what to avoid, recipes to follow, and much more.  And she e-mailed it to me so that when I was ready, I could open it up and get started.  It all made perfect sense nutritionally.

So I started full on. I don’t just kind-of start this sort of thing, I go crazy hard core.  I started on Thursday.  Today is Sunday.

Here is a sample of what I ate yesterday and today:


Breakfast: Coffee, then a shake (made of frozen peaches, almond milk, almond butter, cacao powder, and ice).

Lunch: Chipotle (Bowl with black beans, veggies, carnitas and guac only.  Hindsight, I would have left out the meat as I did not enjoy that part too much.)

Dinner: Gazpacho (made of frozen pineapple, an avocado, the juice of a lime, sea salt, and ancho chili powder-YUM!)

I also snacked on some almonds, some broccoli and hot tea throughout the day.


Breakfast: Coffee and a green shake (Kale leaf, green apple, small cucumber, spinach, celery stalk, splash of apple juice, ground almonds, water and ice. Sounds gross, right?  I LOVED it!).

Lunch: La Madeleine rotisserie chicken with double green beans

Dinner: Roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, and fresh blackberries.  Oh, and a pear.

Today, I snacked on almonds and hot tea.

The general idea is that 2 meals a day are raw.  So cold gazpacho soups and shakes or raw fruits and veggies are the options.  Then one meal per day is a healthy, balanced meal.  Ideally, it would be lunch that would be the “real” meal.  But I want to sit and eat with my family.  So for me, it will be dinner.  I am completely avoiding dairy and most grains for now.  I am drastically limiting my caffeine.  And I am grossing the kids out.  They think my food looks disgusting!

Here is the good news:  I feel like a new person.  It could totally be a placebo effect.  We will know in time.  But for now, I am sticking with it!  This morning was the first time in years that I could say I felt WELL.   By this afternoon, I was back to feeling not as hot.  But seriously, having any time at all to feel good is a huge blessing.  I am not hungry, I don’t feel deprived, and I can’t wait to keep it up.  It is just a few weeks of this hard core stuff, then I will add more foods back in.

Wanna join us?  Read the book, Clean.

Let me know if you do! You will NOT regret it.  Especially going in to the holidays.

Thank you, sweet friend.