Fever, go away!

28 Sep

Fever won’t let up, body aches, total and extreme exhaustion.  This is one of the worst flares I can remember.

Also, my blood work came back with less than stellar reports.  5 of my blood irregularities worsened.  My WBC count is too low. And other oddities.  I am sure this is normal when you go off your meds.  I am just ready for some of these natural remedies to work.  I don’t pretend to enjoy kale for breakfast!

And yes, my doctor is monitoring me.  I have a call in to him right now and am guessing I am going to need a small amount of prednisone to get this one to quit.  I am also considering a juice fast since it did the trick last time.

These days are long and hard.  And I am so grateful to sweet friends who check on me and help me out. 

I asked God for strength to homeschool today.  And He not only gave it to me, but allowed both of the kids’ workloads to be light enough that we can actually do it all without having to let the teachers know that I am not well.  I HATE playing the “I am sick” card.  Sometimes I have to.  Not today 🙂


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