My doc ROCKS!

13 Sep

For real.  People constantly say things about doctors not being on board with natural remedies.  Well, mine is defying the odds!

I went in today, the first time seeing him since going off of my meds, fully expecting him to make some sort of medical recommendation.  He didn’t!  He was happy with where I am.  He wanted me to keep at it.  He asked specifically what foods I was avoiding and was happy to see that corn was on the list of no’s for me.  (this was before he knew I was allergic to corn)  He likes that I am completely off of gluten.  And we had a great discussion about what animals eat (CORN!) and why that can be so bad for us and, specifically, me.

He recommended I start taking Tumeric (not just plain ‘ole, but a specialized form which is basically wrapped in a fat molecule so it is delivered directly to where it needs to be absorbed).  He also wants me on algea oil.  Gave me the number of Omega 3’s he wants and explained the science behind it and that was that.

He said he would be happy for more of his patients to be like this but that the majority are just not interested.  And he said that he expects to see good results.  I think his main reasoning was that patients who actively seek alternatives and take steps to improve their condition, do!

He doesn’t like that I had fever for a week and a half and that my hair is falling out like CRAZY again.  These are things that have not happened since my disease was extremely active.  So he wants to see if these supplements knock some of that out.  And he took blood to see what is happening inside of me.  If my body is showing that some of my markers are getting worse, we will stay the course for the next few months and then reevaluate.  He wants to give this time to really work.

On a side note, I got stung under my arm by a bee in the Costco parking lot!  We were loading the car and I felt it and asked Lucky what on EARTH was dangling from my arm (it was right on the inside of my arm near my triceps).  He pulled the stinger out.  It hurt, but whatever.  Just pain.  HOWEVER, over the last few days it has been SO bothersome!  My arm is still so swollen and red (2 1/2 days later).  I held my arm up to my doc today and said, “So, I guess it is normal when you have an autoimmune disease to have a reaction like this to a bee sting?”  He said, “No!  THAT is an allergic reaction to a bee sting!  Do you have an epi pen?”  I don’t and should since I have had anaphylactic shock before.  So by tomorrow I will have one.  They have never tested for bees b/c I have never been stung.  For some reason, you can’t test for them until you have.  And you just never know when you will get a bad enough sting for a bad reaction.

I have had a few good days, mixed in with some hard ones.  But that flare has ended and I am trying to nap a lot and avoid stress (ha!!!) as much as possible.  And my dietitian, Elisa Rodriguez at, has been absolutely invaluable!  Please go visit her if you are considering this lifestyle change.  She has me doing things I never thought I could!

Glad to give a positive report! I am now off to bed to get that good stuff called SLEEP!


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