An IV gone wrong :)

20 Sep

For about a week, I was really down on myself.  I could not believe I had let myself go SO much that my weight was now causing me to need new sports bras and new bras.  I did not feel like my current ones were too small, but my rib cage has been aching and I figured that was the root.

I even went on Thurs to Lululemon (oh, how I love that store) to try new ones on.  I was convinced I needed a new size in tops, as well.  Only when I got there, I didn’t.  Odd.  Maybe EVERYTHING I owned got old all at once and was shrunk or I had dried everything? 

Then progressively, the pain got worse.  And started really radiating all around my chest.  We had company in town and I did not want to make a big deal about it and embarrass myself.  So I put up with it and hoped it would go away. And moaned to Luck 🙂   Everything we read about chest pain says NOT to ignore it, even though it is common for Lupus and at my age, prob not dangerous.

My doc said to come in today, but her office flooded from the rain!  And you can’t PAY me to go back to Dr. Kempf.  So I had to go to an Urgent Care Clinic.  I HIGHLY recommend this one: The doctor was so thorough and helpful.  Did an EKG, just to rule out heart stuff.  And a chest x-ray.  And blood tests.  Listened to my chest.  Gave me steroids.  Told me I have pleurisy.  Sent me on my way.  He thinks it is b/c I am off of steroids.  It is a mild case, obviously.  From what I hear, it can be extremely painful.  Not that this feels good, by any stretch.  It is just a burning, nagging pain deep in both sides of my chest. It kept me awake last night.  Until I got up and took another 1/2 of my Ambien.  Thank you, Lord, for meds that help me sleep.

I got steroids via an IV, while there.  And a new prescription for an NSAID.  Here is the only problem:  The only way to treat it is with NSAIDS.  But I can’t take them.  Last time I did I got a bleeding ulcer.  They rip my stomach apart.  He said that if this particular one this hurt my stomach, I was just sort of between a rock and hard place.  It is the “best” for people with stomach issues.  I am actually too scared to even try it and may just deal with the pain until the prednisone takes over.

FUNNY STORY:  the nurse was not well practiced at putting in an IV line.  When she stuck it in, she forgot to close the valve and my blood went spewing everywhere!  Good thing I am not squeemish.  She blamed it on my “strong” veins…but I knew 😉  She must not realize I do this often!

My family is downstairs reading the Magician’s Nephew.  I am going to go curl up on the couch and join them.  I am so blessed by them!

(WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME TRYING TO DO THIS NATURALLY??  I just read  my post and it is one med after another.  Oh dear…somehow, someday, I will get off all of this crap.)


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