First, second, third, fourth…. (and a puny meal plan)

9 Sep


I know what I have!   The kids over the last week have both broken out in the slapped cheek rash that is characteristic of Fifth disease.  In adults, it presents as arthritis.  Which totally explains why my feet, hands, arms, and knees are causing so much terrible pain.  I take stairs like I am 80.  Teaching should be, well, interesting this week.  For some it only lasts up to a few weeks.  Others, well….lets not go there!

This virus is the reason I had that fever that wouldn’t stop last week and why I feel like I have the flu.  People who are on typical Lupus drugs are at a greater risk of the virus having complications.  So YAY for no drugs!

I did have to take Prednisone this week (for the first time in over a year!  YAY!) And probably need to be on more.  I am trying to decide what to do.  I am in a flare and have a virus on top of that flare.  This is not atypical to get a virus when my immune system is seemingly going nuts on itself.  Remember that Lupus is simply a disease in which my body can’t really distinguish good cells from back and so they attack them all, as if they were foreign and bad.  Hence the fever, fatigue, pain, etc…

So for now, I wait this out. Life is being toned down once again.  Having a chronic illness has taught me a lot of lessons I wouldn’t otherwise have learned.  I hate that I am sick all of the time.  HATE it.  But I have learned SO much. This particular spell has taught me about friendships.  Not an easy lesson.  Sometimes being sick teaches me about the importance of being home as a family.  Sometimes I learn about my worth and where it isn’t found.  I am always grateful for the things that being sick makes me learn.

So what does a girl feed her family during these times????  Great question!  Our menu is lacking in all of my regular veggies and good foods.  I am just too tired and sick to be in the kitchen much.  Here is our menu:

  • Monday:  Bean and cheese tostadas with lettuce and tomatoes (I’ll have beans on a brown rice tortilla)
  • Tuesday: Salad for me, kids will have (they are SO excited): gluten free fish sticks!  Had to  make a special trip to Whole Paycheck for these babies!
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti with marinara (from a jar) and broccoli
  • Thursday: Vegan grilled cheese
  • Friday: Pizza night.  Last week I made a nasty crust. Here is hoping I make a better one this week.

Now don’t you feel like you are fancy after seeing mine?  Please do still share!  We all get ideas for the future! It helps everyone.  🙂


2 Responses to “First, second, third, fourth…. (and a puny meal plan)”

  1. Gretchen September 9, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    Here are our plans for the week.
    Sun- we were at a football opener party so simple cereal and popcorn for dinner
    Mon-Melanie’s roasted veggie enchiladas
    Tues-bean and cheese tacos
    Wed- sandwiches
    Thurs- tortilla soup a new recipe that I will modify to make vegan
    Sat- leftoverr

  2. Dana McKenna September 10, 2012 at 8:47 am #

    Monday- roasted veggies and potatoes
    Tuesday- asian lettuce wraps, made w tofu
    Wednesday- veggie burgers, homemade potatoe chips, broccoli
    Thursday- cilantro lime quinoa and black beans w avocado and tomato, w fruit salad
    Friday- pizza

    Hey Britt- forget your Thursday plan. I am doubling mine and bringing it to you. I will be by shortly before 5pm to drop it off.

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