The never ending fever and house projects!

2 Sep

So, I have had fever now for about 2 weeks straight.  I always know when I get it….my eyes start burning, I get sluggish, my body aches, and all I can think of is crawling into bed.  Sure, I have moments where I appear normal and do normal life things, but I am truly struggling.  My bed has such a huge indention of my body in it!  I am glad I weigh less than my husband or else I would be totally paranoid about making our mattress even more lopsided than it is!

I am going to call the doc on Tuesday to see if I can just come in for blood work.  I want to make sure that I don’t have any organ involvement.  Especially kidneys.  Plus, I have body pain all over.  I feel 80 years old.  I am praying they will let me just do a blood test and not have to wait for them to squeeze me in, which can take a super long time.  I am also toying with the idea of a small amount of Predinsone.  Just to see if that will knock it out.  But my doc doesn’t want me on Prednisone (bc of my commitment to natural healing).  So we shall see.

(update: Fever is now at 101.3 and climbing.  really wish I had a manual on what to do and really wish my doc was open tomorrow)

Feeling this crappy and trying to homeschool is hard.  Mostly, it is because when my body goes, so does my brain.  Cloudy thinking.  Poor decision making skills.  Confusion. I have been crying a lot and just overall struggling.  To be honest, this has been a dark and lonely place.

HOWEVER, I have had encouragement from so many sweet friends.  Random offers and texts have really just held me up.  Even when someone tells my mom that they follow and pray for me makes me so humbled and want to give back to them.  So thank you, dear friends!  And to the ones struggling more than me, I think of and pray for you often.  I am grateful to know what it feels like to have a chronic illness because I can better understand what you all are going through.

On to house things!!!  When we moved in to this house, we painted three rooms ourselves, as well as having our kitchen professionally done (cabinets and all). Soon after moving in, all of my health issues came tumbling in to place.  So we truly have not touched our house in 2 1/2 years.  And it needs some touching!  We have wanted to make the house feel like ours.  The problem is, I am always too tired.  I spend my weekends in bed. And Luck is busy having fun with the kids.  So NOTHING gets done around here.  And I lay in bed looking at a bedroom that I long to have make me feel peaceful.

I had dinner with a friend this week who encouraged me to just start.  To tape off the room and buy the paint.  If it takes us 4 months, at least it will get done!  Well, we did it!  We bought the paint.  I put a sample of a color on the wall as a sign that we WERE going to do this!  We changed our minds on the color that is shown in this picture.and went with the same color family, only a shade lighter.  So it won’t be quite as intense as this one.  The name of the color is even called Daydream.  Doesn’t that sound perfect for someone in bed all of the time?  Now the, ahem, LOVELY wall paper in the bathroom, ahem, will have to stay for now.  That is going to take a lot more money and time to fix. So I will continue to pretend that the bathroom is tranquil.  🙂  I will keep you posted on how the room goes. We are hoping to start taping tonight and maybe, just maybe, start painting tomorrow!  

And then there is a coffee table that my family has had for years.  We have had in in our living room all scratched up and dented.  But no longer! I was waiting until I felt better.  But guess what?  I don’t feel better!  But my kids and Luck feel great.  And while I lay in bed today, guess what they are doing???

They are painting it a beautiful charcoal gray!  It is going to look so wonderful when it is done and the kids will always be proud of painting it.  I know first hand.  You know why?  When I was little, my mom had us sit down with her in the living room and paint this VERY coffee table!  Only it was the 80’s so guess what we did???  We splatter painted it!!!  Pretty sweet, right?  Who knows, maybe someday Daniella or Reid will be painting it with their kids?  And will be mocking the charcoal gray :).


2 Responses to “The never ending fever and house projects!”

  1. Courtney September 2, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    Is it Gliden Paint? Daydream is one of the three shades we painted Inara’s room when we were prepping the nursery (too long ago) and it’s the one color that I still totally LOVE. I’ll be praying for fever and pain relief for you friend, in the mean time enjoy the memories you are making and the love in your home.

    • brittluck September 2, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      It is a Sherwin-Williams color 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and prayers!

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