Where has this been all of my life?

26 Aug

When I was little, I would come home from school and pop a bag of microwave popcorn.  A few of you can attest to that.  I’d pour iced tea, make popcorn, and play cards while watching silly after school shows like Saved By The Bell.  So simple.

I have pretty much avoided the stuff since then because, well, I am allergic to corn.  For the kids, however,  I haven’t allowed it because of all of those chemicals on the ingredients list.  That is, until I discovered organic microwave popcorn.  It isn’t genetically modified (if it is organic, you can rely on it not being GMO) and I recognized the ingredients.  I never actually felt GOOD about them eating it, but didn’t feel like I was allowing them to have a bunch of processed junk.

Until….PINTEREST!  The place went nuts with brown bagged microwave popcorn.  What?  You mean, you don’t need some specially sealed bag and some special kernels?  I had to try it.

Take popcorn kernels (organic if you don’t want genetically modified), a brown bag, and whatever seasonings you want.  We think that 1/2 cup of corn pops the exact right amount for the bag.  Plop in a tsp or 2 of Earth Balance or butter or olive oil.  Sprinkle in some salt.  Fold the bag down 2 or 3 times.  Microwave for 2 minutes (of COURSE your microwave will vary, but this is what works for us) and stand by for happiness in a bag!

I have read people doing cinnamon and sugar, Parmesan and olive oil, chili powder and lime…the possibilities are limitless.  Of course the kids (well, one of them) would love lots and lots of Earth Balance and salt, but we limit it to just a few tsps and a dash of salt.

Look!!!  It is microwave popcorn!  And we didn’t need a chemically laden bag!

And have I mentioned the cost difference?  One box of organic microwave popcorn would cost around $2.50 for 3 bags.  At HEB, the organic bag of popcorn we buy is $2.79.  And it contains enough kernels to pop over 12 bags of popcorn!

Pop away, friends!  Enjoy some for me.  The kids literally pop this every afternoon.  It makes the house smell so yummy!


One Response to “Where has this been all of my life?”

  1. complicatedfabulous August 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    I love Pinterest! I’ve never seen the popcorn trick…defintely going to try it! We’re still doing it the hard way on the stove.

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