NO MORE VEGGIES (and a recipe slipped in)!

22 Jul

I never want to drink a shake again. I am so tired of gagging on them.  I miss cereal and yogurt for breakfast.  And I am tired of eating my cruciferous veggies 3 times a day.  My hummus wraps and raw veggies get old!

So I had rice chex in almond milk for breakfast.  And within 10 minutes had a stomach ache and regret.  Guess my body is just used to the shakes.

I pulled myself together after crying and bemoaning my diet and grabbed some fresh tomatoes and okra I bought from a farmer’s stand and made stewed okra and tomatoes. So yummy!  Chopped okra, threw in a pan with salt and pepper (no oil) and stirred a bit, cooking.  Once it started to stick, added chopped tomatoes.  Stirred and cooked.  Added some balsamic vinegar and continued to cook until the okra was tender.  Tasted for seasoning.  I served with homemade socca bread.

This meal made me feel like I can continue and do this.  I may not like my shakes right now, but I don’t drink them because they are delicious.  I drink them because my body needs the nutrients.  Same with my other meals.

And while I am sick of not being normal and grabbing a burger with people and eating like I used to, I do like vegetables.  I do like the way they make me feel.  I do NOT miss that nasty feeling of having just consumed a greasy meal.

No meal plan for the week.  I will just work on making it through the week.  And I will continue to eat my veggies.

And I will like it!


2 Responses to “NO MORE VEGGIES (and a recipe slipped in)!”

  1. Gretchen July 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Hang in there friend. Also have you ever had grilled okra? Fabulous! The farmers market guy said you could broil it to. Know that you are getting a following of those who chose to eat their veggies! Thankful that God blessed your taste buds.

    • brittluck July 28, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

      YES!!! We skewered it and grilled it about a month ago and it was FABULOUS!!

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