Meal plan and not so great lab results.

24 Jun

I have been in a flare for a while.  I got labs back this week and they show 8 or 9 things abnormal that hadn’t been recently.  Things that make me feel like I am not crazy for feeling like poop recently.  Of course this leaves me wondering what my future course of action will be.  I will email my doc this week and ask what his thoughts are.  But he is super committed to keeping me med free, as long as my organs stay happy.  Lets pray that is the case!

What are you eating this week?

Here is our meal plan:

Sunday:  Salad.  Kids had to pick 4 veggies each.  Luck and I loaded up.  Options: Romaine and spinach mix, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, slaw, and green olives.  Reid ate his with NO dressing. And rated the meal a TEN!  What?!?!?  Dani even gave it a 7 or 8!  They didn’t complain that it was a small meal or not filling. They just ate their salads.  While they may not love vegan casseroles or mixed dishes AT ALL (been getting a lot of low ratings) they just want straight up raw veggies.  I can do that!

Monday: Veggie burgers from Costco with side salad and blueberries and strawberries.  I like easy meals on the days I teach in the evenings.

Tuesday: My mom’s birthday!  Celebrating with the fam!

Wednesday: Making Mexican Lettuce Wraps.  The recipe calls for roasted chickpeas as one of the filling ingredients!  I am hopeful this will go over well.  Just like the salad tonight, the kids really do well when they have some control.  Ironically, that is exactly why the author of the recipe wrote it!  One thing that caught my eye is that the roasted chickpeas are marinated before roasting.  Yum!

Thursday: Potato Alfredo Pasta with roasted broccoli that I will then add in to the pasta before serving.

Friday: Pizza Night!

Post your plans!  Link to recipes you like!  Or just tell me if you are overwhelmed with trying to eat healthy.  I love feedback!


2 Responses to “Meal plan and not so great lab results.”

  1. Gretchen June 25, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    Here is our plan for the week. We are getting creative since a crockpot, microwave, and other small appliances are my only cooking method. Greg won’t even plug in the oven for the cooktop. Oh well…
    Sun- leftovers
    Mon- salad bar. This is one of the kids favorite meals!
    Tues- chulupas
    Wed- your meal
    Thurs-soup I have in the freezer. With a loaf of bread in the bread machine.
    Fri- pizza night is on hold for awhile so this might become pancake night for a few weeks.
    Sat- I will be out so Greg can do leftovers or sandwiches or anything else he wants to try.

  2. Dana McKenna June 25, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Sunday- vegan Taco salad (from Krysta’s life in food blog)
    Monday- leftover taco salad (eaten at swim meet)
    Tuesday- tofu & veg stir fry w/ vegan egg rolls. One of our new favorites.
    Wednesday- baked sweet potates, roasted brussell sprouts, roasted cauliflower
    Thursday- burgers, veg for us & turkey pesto for kids
    Saturday- veggie fajitas, cuban black beans, homemade salsa & a MARGARITA!!!

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