May Foodie Penpal!

31 May

This month’s foodie penpal was SO awesome!!  We all loved the Hail Merry rosemary and orange pecans.  Dani even kept trying to snag them.  Then chocolate covered kale chips! What?  I ate these for breakfast one morning when I just couldn’t choke down my shake.  There also was hummus, salsa, coffee, and a bunch of super bars that are vegan and gluten free.  My favorite two were The Mahalo bar and the Crispy Cat bar.  They are truly candy for vegans!  SO good as a treat!  I even looked on Amazon and thought about ordering some!  Unfortunately, they were not available.  Probably better that way! Thank you so much, Shreya, for this FABULOUS box!

Did you know YOU can be a Foodie Penpal?  You don’t have to have a blog.  You just have to love food!  And be open to trying whatever is sent to you.  I love getting my box!

If you’re interested in participating for June, please send  an email to Lindsay at and include the following information:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address (you don’t have to be a blogger!)
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)
WHETHER YOU ARE A US RESIDENT OR CANADIAN RESIDENT. – this is SUPER important so you get on the right list!
The Lean Green Bean


2 Responses to “May Foodie Penpal!”

  1. Courtney June 2, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    How did she ship Hummus and keep it from going bad? I’m super interested on how that worked out.

  2. jennifermurata June 4, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    I love Hail Mary!!

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