28 May

This is the last week of school!!  Yeehaw!  Here is our meal plan this week:

Tho goal for this week is to use up what we have from our produce co-op and leftovers from my juice fast!
Monday: Cilantro lime quinoa with black beans (and tomato and avocado) with mangoes on the side.
Tuesday: Forks Over Knives sweet potato vegan lasagna. No idea if this will be good!  The link is not to the book, but to one blogger who made it successfully.  Obviously, I will make it gluten free and will not use the corn.
Wednesday: Quinoa taco “meat” on taco salad with fresh pineapple and apple slices for us and Hokeys.
Thursday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Celebrating at Pei Wei!
Friday: homemade pizza night….never gets old!
Saturday: Grilling at neighbor’s house! Love summer and friends who still have us over even despite how hard we are to feed!  This neighbor is so sweet, she made me gluten free, vegan blueberry muffins for something at her house yesterday.  So sweet of you, Cortney!

My health is still so so.  The juice fast knocked out all of the symptoms except fever!!  Woohoo!  That fever really does bring me down every afternoon, so I will be happy when that is gone.  Other than that, I am just super fatigued.  Every morning, I have made my smoothies and gagged them down.  My food is my medicine.  And while it isn’t the most socially fun way to eat, it is paying off, bite by bite!

What is on YOUR menu this week?  Do share!  Two  sweet friends heard my pleas for some new ideas and sent me so many that I am just thrilled!  I wanted to try some of them this week, but needed to get through the produce I have on hand!  Thank you, Kathleen and April!


One Response to “One..more…week!”

  1. Gretchen May 29, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    Here are our plans.
    Sunday- nachos
    Monday- leftovers
    Tuesday- baked potatoes
    Wednesday- taco salad;)
    Thursday- leftovers or lasagna
    Friday- taking out the boys to celebrate the last day of school on Wednesday.
    Saturday- shower leftovers ( FYI we are having lots of vegan and gf options) and sandwiches

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