Juice time

23 May

Well, yesterday I got hit by a Mack truck, it seems. All of the sudden, my fever is up, all of my joints hurt so much that going down my stairs is nearly impossible, my chest hurts, my hair is falling out like crazy, my fingers and toes all went numb when I got cold, and so many other things.

All of my travels and stress finally caught up with me.  I will start a juice fast right now. Haven’t eaten today, so juice it will be all of today and tomorrow.  I will decide what to do from there.

Thanks for walking this journey with me! So grateful for a juicer and fruit and that I am not needing to take Prednisone (yet….or hopefully ever?).

Little by little I am learning how much fudging on my diet my body can take.  If you have a favorite juice combo, post it here!  (not smoothies, just juice for now)


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