Meal planning and desperation.

20 May

I am seriously desperate for good, kid friendly meals that fit all of my crazy food criteria.  I feel like I have lost the ability to make food that fits those criteria that the kids will love.  I am in a major funk.  Fortunately, there is one person (besides me) that still likes what I make.  And he loves it all.  I am amazed that he isn’t longing for my meals of meat and chicken!

Meal planning for this week is super fun, since there isn’t much to it!!

Sunday: date with my honey

Monday: Birthday!  Not sure what we are eating, but I am not cooking!  🙂

Tuesday: Kids’ school has a dinner/Spring Showcase and Silent Auction.

Wednesday: Gretchen cooks

Thursday: Sweet potato and veggie lasagna

Friday: pizza night


Now THAT sounds like a good week of eating to me!

Do YOU have any recipes you can share with me???  Are you eating plant based?  If so, share your ideas!  Do you have a meal plan?  Post it here!  (vegan or not)

On the Lupus front, I am still weaning from that LAST pill.  Luck has me at a 1/4 of a pill 2 days and none on the 3rd day.  He will take me to every other day next week, when school stress is all over.  🙂


One Response to “Meal planning and desperation.”

  1. Gretchen May 20, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Here our our plans for the week. I am in a funk too hopefully some will have some suggestions.
    Sun-I did burritos with the left over beans and rice chipolte style from last night really good! I think it is going to be a new addition.
    Mon- veggie lasagna roll ups with cheese for the kids and just veggie and sauce for me.
    Tues- frozen wontons from Costco with Melanie’s Asian guac and other dipping sauces. Not sure if I will have them ( they aren’t vegan I might make some spring rolls for me.
    Wed-the veggie empanadas with gf biscuit dough a Mexican slaw
    Thurs- left overs
    Fri- pizza or burgers at the pool
    Sat-leftover soup in the freezer and bread

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