Eating our way through Hawaii!!!!

29 Apr

Here is our trip, in food!  All pics were taken with the iphone and not the camera…so please excuse the quality.  I knew I wouldn’t want to pull out the big one (thanks, Players!!!) for every meal.

***I realize that approximately none of you will be interested in the details of this!  However, Luck and I like to keep a log of what we have eaten where in case we ever go back…and this is my log!***

Saturday consisted of:  arriving, eating at Chuck’s, and promptly sleeping!

Chuck’s: Salad bar for starters. There is an assortment of fabulous salads, including 2 with cabbage (I picked out the pieces of wonton in the pic to make it gluten free).  Yay for cruciferous veggies!  Dinner was Monchong (fish) with a cilantro, onion, jalapeno, lime and tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans.  Luck had the salad bar and baked Mahi Mahi with basil.  Somehow, they managed to infuse the basil flavor throughout the fish. Served over rice.  Hula pie for dessert!  And some fabulously fruity island drink.

Duke's fabulous fish dish!

Sunday was our day to really sight see.  It was the only day Luck wouldn’t be working that we weren’t flying.  So we drove up to the North Shore, making frequent stops at sights.  It was a FULL day!

Matsumoto General Store: Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

Matsumoto Shave Ice!  So yummy!

The Grass Skirt Grill  in Haleiwa: I had the Ahi bunless burger.  Luck had the Ono burger.  Simple, delicious.

Gas station: Maui chips.

Side of the road: Pickle mango!

We made it back and showered in time to go to dinner with his boss, a co-worker, and their wives.  Dinner was at The Hula Grill: Nalo’s greens salad, mushroom risotto, and grilled asparagus.  Luck had a pupu platter!  Yum!  Oh, and that may or may not be a Mai Tai in the picture ;).

For lunch, Lucky came down during his lunch break to the pool where I was and we ate under an orange umbrella (the reason the lighting of this pic is odd).  He was in his nice work clothes and tie, and I was in a bathing suit.  I definitely got the good end of this trip deal!  He had a cheese pizza and I had this Asian salad.  I had them substitute avocado in place of chicken.  It was fabulous!  Don’t be shy about asking for subs.  Just because they don’t have hearty vegan options doesn’t mean they can’t easily make them!

Dinner was a reception for all of the people at the conference.  One of Luck’s co-workers didn’t go, so I got his ticket.  It was a huge buffet.  I must admit that it is very handy that a lot of engineers and aerospace types are from India. They always have a good variety of vegetarian foods for them!  The one thing I loved was a spaghetti squash dish. NO idea what it was!  But it was good and served with cabbage.  I ate it before I took a pic!  There was also a vegetarian fried rice, some purple SWEET potatoes (I KNOW!!!  Who knew?!?!  I mean, I knew of purple potatoes, but they are actually sweet potatoes!), a baked slightly purple potato, assorted fresh fruit with these coconut little squares, some tomatoes, cucumbers and feta (I served myself the feta, but opted not to eat it), and mango cheesecake and coconut pie.  I actually ate the cheesecake!  A few bites of pie were plenty for me.  But the cheesecake went down the hatch!  Yum!

Luck skipped his morning sessions of the conference so we could head to Pearl Harbor. However, we ended up getting there only to find it would be 4 hours before our tour.  SO…we left there and had breakfast at Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch, & Crab: Luck had crab cake hollondaise and I had a veggie omelet without the egg and cheese!  The waiter didn’t know what to do with me.  I basically got sauteed veggies and potatoes on the side.  It was greasy, greasy.  I tried to avoid as much of the grease as possible.  Nevertheless, got in a bunch of veggies and Luck’s fruit in my body!

Lunch today was a first for us!  Filipino food!  Don’t ask me what I had!  I couldn’t understand her. But it was vegetarian and yummy!  It had okra, green beans, squash, and who KNOWS what else, served with rice and some rice noodles!  Luck’s was barbecued chicken and pork skewers served with rice.

Luck had to go to a dinner meeting, so we decided we needed another trip to Duke’s to quickly eat off of their bar menu this time.  I had fish tacos, sans the tortilla.  Luck ordered calamari and fries.  We shared everything.  Except my pina colada, because Luck was heading to a long technical meeting. 🙂

We went to a fabulous breakfast place called Eggs and Things.  Such a beautiful view of Waikiki beach!  Luck had the local favorite, the Loco Moco. It was rice, brown gravy, a meat patty, and an egg on top!  I had potatoes and a fruit bowl with granola.  It had this delicious acai frozen center.  And of course the fruit all over the island was beyond delicious.

Luck had a business lunch that day and I went shopping and just ate fruit and another “shave ice.”

That night, we had the BEST meal of the island, hands down.  A Japanese recommendation from Melanie.  Sansei Seafood and Sushi on Waikiki beach.  We started with a yummy drink at the bar. Then we got escorted to the MOST beautiful view at our table.  

We had a carpaccio tuna (yes, raw sushi!), a crab salad hand roll with mango, and then the dish to die for: butterfish in a miso sake glaze.  Too bad we only got a few bites each.  Unbelievably good!

Our last full night on the island was a really fun Luau!  Most of Lucky’s coworkers went and we had a lot of fun.  It wasn’t touristy or cheesy, just a really fun time.  They had all sorts of entertainment for us, including a 13 year old doing amazing fire tricks.  And they had dancing representing all of the Polynesian islands.  I did not want any of the meat at all and opted for them to bring me extras of the salads that were waiting for us at the table when we got there.  Some marinated cucumbers and papaya, a tomato/salmon raw dish, and seaweed that was really yummy.  Plus they had all kinds of fresh fruits on the table.  Plenty to fill up on, for sure!

I passed this plate along to Luck, though I did eat that white potato….don’t let it fool you.  It is a white sweet potato!

Our last lunch was at a place named Il Lupino.  We split 2 salads.  One was an arugula salad with pear and marcona almonds.  The other had no lettuce, just mango, avocado, marinated mushrooms, some tomato, and some marinated onions.  It was all drizzed with a balsamic dressing.  So good!  It needed some variety in texture.  I’d love to make a version of this at home.

The last night, the food was good, but the view was amazing!!!  This was at Haleiwa Joe’s, the Kaneohe location.

As you can see, I did not eat vegan on this trip.  I was definitely plant based for the most part, but had dairy a number of times and fish probably 5 times or so.  I had some no-no’s for me like ice cream and cheesecake.  I even had a few bites of food with gluten in them.  Each time I ate gluten, my stomach felt it immediately.  HOWEVER, (and this is big to me) I never felt sick from anything else!!  That is right, all of the sugar, fish, dairy, alcohol, etc…and I was feeling great!  What an amazing thing for me!  To think that this time last year, we went to San Diego.  I was on all of the meds and trying to eat healthfully.  Yet I had chronic stomach aches!  Looking at what this diet has done for me makes me silent in gratefulness.  I truly have no words.

Thank you, God, for bringing me to this place at this time.  I am so, so blessed!  All of the foods I have given up and replaced with plant based ones are paying off.  And I am grateful!  And most of all, I am excited that I can take a week off here and there and be okay!  Oh, and REALLY?!?!  I got to go to Hawaii?  Who gets to do that?  Especially on a business trip where most of the expenses are covered!!  Lucky and I were like honeymooners.  It was so amazing to get away together and see God’s beautiful creation.  Everything we saw made us pause and reflect on His goodness. His beauty is evident through this gorgeous earth.  We are blessed!


2 Responses to “Eating our way through Hawaii!!!!”

  1. Melanie Flinn (@nutritiouseats) April 30, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and the food! It looks like you guys did a great job at branching out and experiencing so many of Hawaiian’s different ethnic cuisines. I am also so glad you felt well! Yeah!

    • brittluck April 30, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      You seriously made this trip amazing! Thank you!! Someday you need to go to Cayman or somewhere that I can suggest places to eat to you!!

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