Thai Pizza and Meal Planning

15 Apr

If you are my Facebook friend, it is likely that you saw this pizza there.  For our weekly pizza night this week, I decided to change things up a bit for me and Luck.  BOY am I glad I did!  I believe this one is in the running for my favorite pizza ever!

For us, pizza starts with this fabulous mix.  You can make it with egg replacer and no dairy, so it is vegan!  It has the best taste and texture ever!  I am going to be attempting to recreate this. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a lot cheaper that way.  But that is for another day!

The next thing you do is grab a jar of this good stuff (or your own pad Thai sauce!).

Original Pad Thai Sauce

Smear it all over you unbaked crust.  Then top that baby with:

Chopped cilantro

Chopped peanuts

Sliced red, yellow, and orange peppers

Chunks of avocado (not very Thai…but oh, so good!)

Chopped broccoli (This is a total optional ingredient.  I did it to get my cruciferous veggies in)

Bean sprouts (I can’t eat sprouts bc of Lupus…but please, add these!  It sure would be delicious!)

Bake and enjoy!

And now……our meal plan for the week!

Sunday: Sauteed zucchini and tomatoes over pasta with kalamatas (in a former life, this would include feta).  This meal was something Luck and I would make a lot in college.  Kinda random, I know.  But it is SUCH comfort food to me.

Monday: Gretchen is making this: Greek Lemon Soup only with chick peas in place of chicken!  Yum!

Tuesday: Pioneer Woman’s Asian Noodles, only with rice noodles (think Thai noodles)

Wednesday: Tostadas, baked potatoes, or leftovers

Thursday: BIRTHDAY BOY (hubby) gets to pick.  I have even offered steak.  So far, he isn’t sure.

Friday: Celebrate his birthday with  my family.  My parents are making the best ever in the whole world gluten free fried shrimp.

Saturday:  Oh, well….I think I am gonna take a little break from the kitchen 😉  I will report back with pics.  And hopefully some new food inspiration!

What are YOU making?  After you leave that in the comments, then hop on over to Nutritious Eats and share your favorite vegetarian/vegan recipe!  And pretend you didn’t already see this one!


3 Responses to “Thai Pizza and Meal Planning”

  1. Gretchen April 15, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Here are out plans for the week. Hubby is gone most of the week so hopefully the kids cooperate with my meal plans.
    Sun- paninis and fruit, I made the best Greek inspired one with was not vegan added a bit of reduced fat feta
    Mon- the Avgolemono soup and a green salad this will be modified a bit more when I re- read the recipe. I am excited to see how it turns out, sounds good to me.
    Tues-your quinoa and bb tacos with fruit
    Wed- this is the experiment I am making stirfry with tofu. Hopefully the kids have open minds on this night. Greg shook his head when I told him I was trying this a night he was gone.
    Thurs- baked potatoes I will use a avocado and salsa for mine.
    Fri- a birthday party, I need to make Will a gf pizza for the party.
    Sat- snack night as we call it. Homemade cilantro lime hummus (trying the nutritious eats recipe) ,regular hummus, veggies, cheese, a little bit of lunch meat, crackers, and fruit.

    I am going to have to try the pad Thai sauce. Also we adore the pioneer woman’s Asian noodle salad! Ben even brought it in his lunch the next day. It makes a huge amount!

  2. veghotpot April 16, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    mmm two of my favourite cuisines combined!! Delicious 🙂


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