Meds update and PIZZA NIGHT in the Smith casa!

8 Apr

I have now been off of my sleeping pill completely for 9 nights!  Several of those nights were terrible, several barely okay, and several pretty darn good!  I am going to continue to stay off of it for now.  When I have insomnia, I am not wide awake.  I am just barely asleep.  It is odd.  But I can remember all night long, which means I am not resting very much.  I also feel like a medically induced sleep time can’t be all that restful, either.  So I am still pressing to get off.

Today, I cheated on my diet.  I had shrimp.  We are going to Hawaii soon and I want to see if seafood will make me sick. So far, I feel pretty horrid. But it could be a number of things.  Mostly, it could be the fact that I was feeling badly the moment I woke up and hardly got out of bed before church.  I have now taken a 2 hour nap hoping I would sleep it off, but alas, still have a terrible stomach ache and would really like to go get it pumped.  Maybe I will remain vegan in HI, afterall?

Food?  Did I mention food?  What about yummy, vegan food?

Our family has  a little tradition.  Most every Friday night, we make pizzas, sit in the living room, and watch America’s Funniest Vidoes.  Do you watch this?  You should.  Sometimes we are all laughing so hard we have to stop and breath.  I don’t think an episode has ever come on where we didn’t have to do that at least once.  This is the only meal all week that we eat in front of the tv.  I hope the kids look back on their childhood and remember this with a smile. I know I will!

I can’t even tell you how often people ask me how we eat pizza!  So today, I am going to show you!  Now, I didn’t plan ahead for this.  No special veggies were purchased.  This is just a run of the mill pizza night.


Crusts (We have been experimenting with which crusts we like the most.  Chebe makes the best, however.  So we often buy the box and adapt it to be vegan.  Otherwise, we use the frozen Chebe (not vegan) or Bob’s Red Mill or something else. Some day I will perfect a homemade gf crust.)

Pizza Sauce (We like Muir Glen Organic Pizza sauce.  Buy the jar or can, use what you need, then divide the rest into baggies for about what you will need each pizza night.  Freeze. On pizza night, thaw one baggie!  This way you get the fancy sauce without spending too much each time!  Thanks to the lovely Jen Murata for this tip!)

Mozzarella cheese for Luck and the kids

Veggies:  Broccoli (you can use raw or cooked and leftover from the week), asparagus (raw and diced), kalamata olives, orange, yellow and red peppers (raw and sliced), fresh or canned tomatoes (diced), artichoke hearts (buy them at Costco, rinse with warm water, patted dry with paper towel, then cut into chunks), sun dried tomatoes (Costco!  Rinsed and patted dry with paper towel, then cut into slices), jalapenos (just a few chopped up and sprinkled over pizza), avocado chunks.

Spread your sauce on your pizza.  Add cheese.  Add as many veggies as will fit.  We make the kids pick one veggie to put on their pizza.  Dani chose olives this time and Reid chose broccoli.  Bake.  Then watch a funny show and laugh a lot.

***When we first started this, the kids had pepperoni.  Slowly, we stopped buying it.  They used to whine.  Now they don’t.  Then we started making them pick one topping.  As you can see, they don’t have to eat much.  But guess what?  Thy have gotten used to it and don’t whine any more!  In fact, they pick their topping quickly now!  I am excited to see them make the transition to healthful food with us.  We are not forcing them, just gently leading them. And it is WORKING!  People, make small changes with your kids NOW!  You won’t regret it!***

My vegan pizza is on bottom, Luck's vegetarian is right above, Reid's with a bite of broccoli is on the top left, and Dani's with olives is on the top right.

I love a little jalapeno on my pizza because it adds kick. And no pizza night is the same without a little hard cider for me and beer for Luck. It is such a fun way to unwind on a Friday night!


One Response to “Meds update and PIZZA NIGHT in the Smith casa!”

  1. Christie April 8, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    I make mine about the same as yours, but I really like a bit of Daiya Mozz shreds. It doesn’t take much at all – just a sprinkle to make me happy. I really think it is richer somehow than regular mozz, if that makes any sense, so I use very little.

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