Camping: Vegan and Gluten Free!

2 Apr

We headed out to the Frio River with our dear friends, Greg and Gretchen and their kiddos, this past weekend for  a few days of unplugged, outdoor fun!  Fortunately for me, they are mostly plant based and have a son who is gluten free.  So Gretchen and I collaborated on what we would eat and had a successful food trip!


Friday- Dinner: Amy’s Bistro Burgers for the vegans and beef burgers for the rest with regular and gf buns, guac, chips, and fruit.

Dinner! A mix of healthy and not so healthy.

– Dessert: S’mores for most everyone and I had a banana boat.

Cut a slit in a banana peel and banana, add vegan chocolate chips, place pieces of banana back on. Wrap in foil, throw in or on fire. Eat straight out of the peel with a spoon once the chips are melted. SO YUM!

Thanks for this fabulous dessert, Gretchen!

Saturday- Breakfast: Oatmeal, various bars, bagels, protein balls, dry cereal, Naked Juice, and apple juice.

– Lunch: pb and j on bagels or gf bread, hummus and raw veggies, mandarin oranges, and chips galore.

My plate...yum!

– Dinner: Assorted veggies (see below) and sausages with barbecue sauce in tortillas, fruit, and chips.

Beets, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, onions, red, yellow and orange peppers, poblano peppers, and potatoes. Gretchen put each veggie in a foil packet and added a little veg broth and seasonings. Threw them on the fire and voila!

Roast the veggies over the fire until tender. So excellent all mixed together!

-Dessert: foil wrapped cones stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows, thrown over the fire to melt.

Sunday- Breakfast: oatmeal, Larabars, homemade chex mix, Naked juice, apple juice.

Don’t be intimidated by eating healthy in even the most challenging environments.  It CAN be done!  It just takes planning!


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