Running two races!

15 Mar

No real reason for the pic of the kids other than the fact that I like those 2.  They are now 10 and 7.  Time is going so fast.  We are sort of in the honeymoon of parenting…out of preschool issues and just shy of adolescent issues.  Deep breath.

Lupus update:  I was really struggling over the last month, physically.  I think that now I am starting to see some light.  I am having a few hours at a time where I feel normal!  That is a fabulous thing.  I still have some fever and struggle with energy.  But sores in my nose are gone, tummy aches are less, and on and on.

I have remained on a few non-Lupus meds (or at least meds that don’t directly treat the Lupus) because of an inability to get off.  I have been treating Lupus naturally for almost 9 months.  Ever since that time, I have been trying to wean off of my sleeping pill.  The insomnia was just about sucking my life away.  And I didn’t feel like I could ever start the healing process because I was so TIRED all day, every day.  Here is the good news:  by pouring out more and more of my medicine every night, Luck has gotten me down to HALF of my pill!  Yay!  The challenge right now is to conquer the other half.  So little by little, we chip away.  I am confident that I will get there.  Nine months ago I could NOT have slept with only half of a pill.  I am pushing hard for this one!

Then there is my antidepressant.  I know it is a bit taboo to talk about these kinds of drugs, but it is what it is.  A regular dosage for someone my size is 10 mg of Lexapro.  I have been on this since I had a major bout with depression after I finished nursing Reid.  It hit like a Mack truck.  I have weaned off several times, but ended up back on it. I never, ever, ever want to feel what I did in those dark days again.  And it sufficiently scared me in to being okay with taking some meds.  I have been on a half a pill (5mg) for quite some time.  And now, we are taking me as low as I can go.  Maybe off???? I HOPE!  Right now, I am doing a quarter pill every other day and a half pill on the other day.  Every few weeks, we will adjust lower and lower.

Here is my advice for getting off meds: 1) GET YOUR DR.’S APPROVAL!!!!!!!  2) Go super, uber, crazy slow!  Remember, if it takes a year and a half to completely get off, isn’t that better than being on forever?  That is my take, anyway. As most of you know, I went cold turkey off my other 3 Lupus drugs.  The doc told me to go for it.  So I did.

I feel like I am running a marathon.  I am actually super glad that I run races.  The visual of sprinting to the finish and pushing ahead even when you know you have 12 miles to go, etc…  those really help me in life.  There is no question in my mind why Paul in the Bible alluded to running a race a lot.  Life is hard and that is how he saw it.  That is also how I see it.  If you come to my classes, you will OFTEN hear me telling people to sprint it in or push for the finish line or pace themselves, etc…  I even have them visualize the finish line just ahead.  Then I yell, “Now, PUSH!!!!!!”  It helps me.  They might think I am nuts, however.

So while I push ahead in that race, I decided to sign up for a sprint triathlon!  I am super excited.  I have a lot to learn.  I don’t know how to take care of my bike.  I don’t really even  know how to ride it.  I can’t swim well and haven’t since I did a few mini sprints summer before last.  And I never, ever run.  (Well, I ran a 5k with a friend, but other than that, no running for me!) When am I gonna train, you ask?  Not really sure! But I want to do something for myself.  So I picked this and am going for it!

Sunday, June 3:  400 M swim, 17 mile bike, then a 3.3 mile run

I can do that triahlon!  I can get off those meds!

I have a finish line in sight and I am pushing toward it!  Will you join me? Is there something YOU are wanting/needing to do?  We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!


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