Meal planning!

26 Feb

What are you eating this week?  I am still entrenched in busyness over the next week.  So once again, my meals are going to be EASY and not as nutritiously stellar as I would like.

Sunday: Finally hoping to make the vegan fettucinni alfredo I posted last week.  Potato Alfredo  and roasted broccoli. Not sure if I will be ready to break my fast, but we will see.  Definitely want to cook a good meal for the family.  My fasting means no cooking for them and lots of quick and easy meals.

Monday: Celebrating Daniella’s birthday with  my family.  No cooking for me!  She hasn’t picked where she wants to go yet.  Chipotle is where she is leaning.  Too funny!  I think it is because of their chips!

Tuesday: Sweet Gretchen is making gluten free crockpot fallafel.  We will eat with a kale salad.

Wednesday: Tostadas for the family with fruit (Corn tortilla shell [make sure to get one without added nastiness like dyes], fat free beans, cheese, and the kids will have to choice at least one between kale, tomatoes, and avocado on the top or on the side).  Romaine wrap with beans, avocado, tomato, and leftover kale salad on top for me.

Thursday: Dinner meeting.  (I will have leftovers from previous nights. And I will bring something to snack on so I am not just sitting at the table watching everyone eat!  I like to blend in, not make a scene. I’d much rather people not notice in those situations)  My parents will take the kids to Gabi’s fundraiser/birthday party.

Friday: Pizza night!  And homemade banana whip ice cream.  You MUST try this!  I will post on it later.

Saturday: Wayside missions event (I will bring hummus and carrots and broccoli for myself).  If you live in San Antonio…COME!  No matter where you go to church!


2 Responses to “Meal planning!”

  1. Gretchen February 26, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    Here is our menu for the week. FYI I made your black beans for a lunch with friends today and they were a HUGE hit! I will be passing along the recipe:).
    Sun–either Swedish pancakes or popcorn for dinner
    Mon–zucchini black bean skillet with fruit
    Tues– crockpot falafel with fruit and gyro fixings
    Wed– my dad birthday ( at least when we will celebrate) pork loin roast, green beans, roasted potatoes, strawberry pavlovas for dessert
    Thurs– left overs
    Fri– pizza night
    Sat– Greg and I are doing the membership class so the kids will eat with his mom and we will probably grab something easy or out

  2. emascorro February 27, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    still a major slacker when it comes to meal planning!!
    MON- roast and tons of veggies in crockpot…I will eat veggies and making some quinoa
    TUES- Vegetarian Chili from Nutritious Eats
    WED- leftovers Daniel’s study night so I don’t cook
    THURS- chicken stir fry for fam….veggie stir fry for me
    FRI- quinoa tacos

    that’s all I gots for now 😀

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