Six months!

10 Jan

It is my half year anniversary!  I have now been plant fueled for 6 months!

At this point, I am not in a flare.  🙂  I am having more good days than bad.  Overall, I feel like my old self pops in every once in a while. It is a beautiful thing!

Like I say all of the time, I SLEEP A LOT. Or at least I lay in bed a lot (which is why I am on the computer a lot).  This is big for me.  When I am busy one day, I actually plan nothing except coming home and getting in bed from 6 or 7pm until the morning.  Or I will plan for the next day to be spent in bed. I have discovered how to preemptively strike so as to not get sick from stress and busyness.  It is something I still find myself defending occasionally.  Especially when people tell me how lucky I am to get to lay in bed a lot.  But overall, I realize that it isn’t their fault that they don’t understand.  And I pray that they don’t ever have to understand.

New syptoms…I am bruising easily, and the bruises don’t go away.  On my shins.  This happened back in high school and college.  I had bruises that where there for literally years. This makes sense given my blood counts recently.  I am not anemic (so don’t tell me to eat red meat!), I just have low counts.  I also have slight pleurisy.  What a change from this time last year!!!  I was in constant pain from pleurisy!  And nauseated all of the time.  And totally wiped out.  And sun sensitive.  And having fevers all of the time.

So I was told to give this diet 6-12 months to see any real change.  Please go give Elisa a shout if you are needing to combat a disease or have health issues you wish to address with a plant based approach!  She will steer you right.  And I can tell you, she has been right.  It has taken about this long to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am no dummy.  Lupus comes in flares.  A new flare may be on the horizon tomorrow.  But I am going to keep eating like a rabbit and praying that this balance of eating plant based and resting all that I can is making my body reverse this disease.

ps.  I am stronger right now than I was 6 months ago, too!  I do more weight in BodyPump than I have ever done before.  Don’t believe that you need animal protein to be strong!  Plant protein is doing my body good!


One Response to “Six months!”

  1. Jillian January 10, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    Britt, I went through a very long phase with my autoimmune disorder where my shins were constantly bruised, and it wasn’t anemia. It eventually went away. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. If you figure out any more details about it, I’d love to know! I’m so glad that you are doing better overall. We keep you in prayer.

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