Shake Tutorial

5 Jan

Okay, earlier this week I posted a recipe for a breakfast shake that gives you lots of good stuff to start your day.

Here are some tips to make learning to drink shakes a little easier!

  • Start with strong fruits like berries.
  • Use more fruit than veggies at first and slowly change the ratio.
  • If you are needing to wean on to the flavors, you can add chocolate almond milk.  A fun version is chocolate almond milk with frozen cherries.  Chocolate almond milk is sugary…so only do it to transition :).  Or making a special treat for the kiddos.
  • Add cocoa powder or cinnamon. You can also add a splash of vanilla or almond extract.  This is a big help at first!
  • Add a banana, if you like them.  You pretty much don’t taste anything else when you add a banana!
  • DRINK FROM A STRAW!  I learned this early on.  I can throw down a shake MUCH easier this way.
  • Serve it super cold.  Use lots of frozen stuff and drink right away.  The longer it sits, the more of the greens you will taste.
  • I saved this one for last because it is not for everyone. If you can make the investment in a Blendtec (what I have) or a Vitamix, DO IT!!!!  It pulverizes the heck out of all of those veggies. If you don’t have one, I would often make my shake in my food processor before I got one. It is not a must, but a PLUS!

Think of learning to like shakes in the same way you learn to like exercise.  After your first weight lifting session or run, you most likely said, “Whew!  That was hard!”  But you kept at it because you knew it would get easier and you would eventually enjoy it.  Maybe you would JUST enjoy the benefits?  Or maybe the process?  Everyone is different.  Either way, you did it with something larger in mind.

And THAT, my friends, is how to approach drinking these shakes!

Cheers to healthy shakes!


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