Trying to eat healthier?

4 Jan

Trying to eat healthy this New Year?  Want a few quick tips?

1)      Next time you eat a baked potato, smash an avocado half inside of it in place of butter and cheese.  Add a small amount of Earth Balance if needed.  Otherwise, season and enjoy.  You can play with it by adding salsas or jalapenos.  They are creamy and delicious!  (all credit here goes to my sweet husband…it was his fabulous idea!)

2)      Grab a Romaine lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla for your next taco or wrap.  You will enjoy the crunch of the lettuce and will get the added nutrients without the added calories!

3)      Let your plate and palate travel the world!  So many other countries eat plant based for the majority of their diet.  Research and experiment with Indian foods, Thai foods, and so many more!  The rice and bean combo is endless.  You can do Mexican, Cuban, New Orleans, and so many more!  Just keep varying up the bean and the spices!

4)      Start your morning off right with a smoothie!  Think about it…how else can you get 2-3 svgs of veggies PLUS another serving or two of fruit for breakfast? (see my post below for a recipe)

5)      Eat a salad every day.  Add shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, red/yellow/orange/green bell peppers, avocados, pistachios, etc…  And I don’t mean a small salad, FILL A HUGE BOWL!  And keep eating until you are full!  Try dressing your salad with hummus.  No oil, more nutrients!

You can do this!


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