Meal Planning Monday!

16 Oct

Each week, Melanie Flinn from Nutritious Eats has a Meal Planning Monday.  She posts her meals for the week and invites you to do the same.  Here is her blog:

Nutritious Eats

What is has done for me:

1) I ALWAYS meal plan on the weekends and am much more organized throughout the week.

2) I have drastically cut down on my trips to HEB.  If I get all of my evenings planned, I am ready for them and am not doing last minute shopping.

3) I am MUCH less likely to make unhealthy choices for the family when I have planned ahead and stick with it.

As Melanie says, you don’t need to impress on the site. Just simply lay out what you will be eating. It keeps you accountable and at the same time helps you to get new and great ideas!  So come join us!  You won’t regret it!

Here is mine for the week:

Sunday: we made eggrolls found here: SO good! Vegan and yummy. I didn’t use any oil.
Monday: Gretchen cooks…yippee!!
Tuesday: Have a meeting where dinner is provided
Wednesday: Crock pot black beans, brown rice, guacamole
Thursday: Good ‘ole tostadas from leftover beans (on Romaine, no cheese for me)
Friday: Lucky still traveling…so may go out?

Have a healthy week!


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