Learning and relief.

9 Oct

This weekend was a test for me. We had a garage sale. These are typically stressful, exhausting, and LONG. So last week, I took the challenge upon myself to not let it be those things. Knowing that I was starting to come out of a flare scared me that this would send me back in. If you don’t yet know autoimmune diseases, know this: Stress = disease flare (gets worse for a week or two). So last week, I paced myself and went through our whole house and purged. It felt great. I still napped every day and did fun stuff with the kids (no school last week). Friday, we priced a few things, borrowed some tables, and called it quits at 8 pm. We relaxed and knew that whatever was supposed to sell, would. Sat morning, we pulled our unorganized junk out, had a sweet friend bring her much cuter junk, and sold until noon. I came in and layed down during the sale for a bit (nobody even knew!) because my body needed it. And at noon, we packed up the car and took everything to Goodwill. We didn’t make a ton of money, but we made some, we decluttered, and I learned how to have a garage sale without making myself sick! Yay! The relief is that this flare has settled! My fevers have finally gone away after 2 weeks of them being non stop. I am grateful and still resting and trying to care for myself so that it doesn’t happen again. (April, it was a blast doing that together! You are generous and sweet! Friends who came, thank you!! You are a blessing to me and you are all sweet for buying Gatorade and Rice Krispy treats from our kids)


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