Still…and a medicine returns.

27 Aug

Fever, body aches, complete fatigue.

And this is Saturday. Fever started on Tuesday.

Today, I started back on Lexapro (antidepressant). I was finding myself getting too mad at the kids too quickly.  I was overreacting to everything.  I was crying ALL.  THE.  TIME.  I am not in a place to be off of that and I was wanting to inflict pain upon myself (like I needed punishment or something.  can’t explain it if you have never felt it. just think I am weird and be ok with it).  So there.  I said it.  I am on my little pill that helps me have enough seratonin in my brain.

My family is at the movies without me. It is super sad to sit out of life, but it is the right choice to choose the thing that will give me the most recovery time.

I never said this would be a pretty journey to follow me on!  Tune out if you would rather something more cheerful :).  But I press on because I want to see this work!  I want to prove that I don’t have to live on all of those miserable drugs that increase my risk of cancer by 400%.

I am ready for some light to peak through!


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