16 Aug

I am thankful for food, glorious food! Just the way God gave it to us to enjoy.

My family.  Luck, the kids, my parents, and Michelle, Justin, and Gabi.  They not only help take care of me and the kiddos, but they put up with eating with me.  Can you IMAGINE having me as part of your dinner plans? I know, I REALLY throw a wrench in things.

Friends.  You all know the amazing things you do.  You think for me.  You cook for me.  You encourage me.  You pray.  You send me recipes. You make me laugh…and I do love to laugh!

Perspective.  Not just on hunger, but on this awesome journey.  I would not trade Lupus for anything in the world.  Truly.  This journey has been bumpy (Again, this isn’t cancer).  It has just stunk.  I hate being in bed so much and feeling like crap so much.  BUT what I have learned from it is priceless.  My worth is not in what I do for people.  Or how good my kids are.  Or how toned my body is.

I hope you get to go on your own journey.  Whatever our pain and frustrations are….they make us more dependent on our Maker.  They make us long for life after earth.  I am SO glad this is MY life.  🙂


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