Mixed bag.

16 Aug

If you ask me how I feel, it will REALLY depend on the moment.  I am having moments of feeling almost normal. They are few and far between, but they are there.  And that gives me hope.

Today, I am totally wiped out.  Have felt feverish all afternoon and am having return of some symptoms.  Still eating everything I am being told to (except dang watercress b/c I can’t find it!!!).  I am absolutely adjusting to life with less salt.  And oil. And no wine or even *gasp* chocolate!!!!

I am actually quite surprised about the oil.  I always figured I needed those calories as a vegan. WRONG.  And I am finding I quite like vegetables just as they are.  Steamed veggies.  Something I gave up years ago to the much better tasting roasted veggies! Whodah thunk?

I have been living this life for 6 weeks (the no oil or salt for just one).  It is doable.  Now, lets just see these symptoms start to go away.  This is a long, slow process.  I lost a few lbs that have somehow come back. I am really hoping it is just water weight that will slip back off.  It is virtually impossible to eat like this and gain weight.  Or at least it BETTER be!!!!

Thanks for taking this journey with me! (and Dana…thanks for the amazing vegan meal tonight!  And Gretchen…what would I do without you and your food?)


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