The light is peaking through :)

11 Aug

The ugly depression is lifting!  Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.  It is no coincidence, friends!

I have followed the diet to the best of my ability.  I am surviving and enjoying the foods I eat.  I am DEFINITELY still adjusting to life without salt!!!  I used fresh tomatoes and garlic and onions and basil and made a marinara that is great!!  If it only had a little salt!  Oh well, my taste buds are already starting to adjust!

A typical day of eating:

Breakfast: Kale (lots), frozen fruit, milled flax, almond milk, splash of pom, ice and cinnamon shake.  I also use the juicer a lot and have this to sip on sometimes or I use it in my shake in place of the pom.

Lunch: Salad with kale and romaine, dressed with salsa or something without oils and sugars, topped with veggies.  Bowl of soup that I made that is all vegetables and nothing more.  Except a little water.  No oil or salt.  Fruit, always.

Snack: 1/4 mango OR 8 grape tomatoes in hummus.

Dinner: Last night I made “tacos” with romaine acting as the tortilla.  I put unsalted black beans in it, a  bunch of slaw made from shredded cabbage I dressed, fresh salsa (thanks, Mere!), and avocado slices on it.

THAT’S it, folks!  Nothing more!  And I am surviving!  I did 3 classes last night.  Never did I think that would be enough food to fuel me for boot camp, Pilates, and CX30.  But it was!

I am adjusting to this new way of living. You really can do anything you put your mind to!  We kicked some booty in my boot camp yesterday.  I am including my own booty in there.  I kept telling the class to keep pushing, to not give up, to draw from the strength that drives them….and we did it together!  Maybe that is why I like teaching?  I get to push people to do more.  The very thing I am doing to myself.  It helps to hear yourself preach what you are trying to practice.

Pressing on for health!


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