Jumping the gun. And week 3, down!

5 Aug

I am thinking of this whole process as a marathon.  The gun was just fired.  It seems I may have jumped the gun, though.

I was so ready to see some changes and had heard about this diet and just jumped in.  I prob should have come more slowly off my meds (my doc doesn’t have much experience in taking people OFF things! ).  The reason I am feeling so horrible right now is prob because all of these changes have sent me in to a flare.    And I am probably having some rebounding issues with meds.  (When you get off of something, your symptoms can sometimes be greater than they even originally were.) What makes this time even harder is that I can’t take anything for my headaches or fever.

Speaking of, I am off of Lexapro. Another down!  Weaning off insomnia med starting tonight.  It will take weeks.  I can’t take melatonin b/c it can make Lupus worse.  Crazy.  It stimulates the immune system.

Elisa, welcome to my blog!

Elisa is the RD helping me.  I am under orders to treat cruciferous veggies as my meds.  So broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, etc….will be amped up even more.  And I am adding fish oil back in and a crazy high probiotic.  The company overnights it b/c it has to remain refrigerated.  (My current one has 10 billion CFU’s…this one has 450 billion!  See, crazy high!?)

Glad another week is down.  Hoping this next is better than the last.  I can’t live like this. 


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