3 Aug

Reality is:

I am definitely getting worse.  I was hardly out of bed yesterday.  Today has not started any better.  I just feel awful.  Symptoms are the same.  Stupid sores in my nose.  They look like little carved out caves.  And they hurt like mad.  Zero energy.  As in the kind that you just can’t push through.  Headaches.  And on and on.

I will just sleep the day away and get ready for my classes tonight. 

I am blessed by family and friends who help me.  Pray my kiddos won’t see how bad I feel. I am SO tired of being sick. 

Thanks for joining me in this journey.  I was told I would get worse before I got better.  That part has proven true.  Now lets pray that the feeling better part kicks in at some point. I need strength…..


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