Summer rolls!

31 Jul

My sweet friend, Gretchen, and I cook for each others’ families every other week.  We live only a street away, cook similarly in regards to nutrition, and both love to experiment!  It is FABULOUS!  I think everyone should find a neighbor or a good friend to share dinner duty.  It is awesome.

A few months ago, she made summer rolls.  They were wrapped in rice paper, and are gluten free!

After my splurge on produce this weekend, we thought this may be a fun thing to do as a family. We had no recipe…just some fresh ingredients. I am NO expert in rolling, as my ugly rolls will show.  But they were SO yummy!  The kids ate vegan and had no idea.  They rate every meal I make.  This one got a 100 (scale of 1 – 10) from one kid and a 6 from my picky eater.  This is quite exciting!


Romaine lettuce

A Carrot

An Avocado

A Cucumber

Cilantro Sprigs

Cooked brown rice

Gluten Free Teriyaki sauce

Rice Spring Roll wrappers

Variety of dipping sauces

Thinly chop all veggies (except cilantro).  Once your brown rice is cooked, add some Teriyaki sauce to give it some flavor.

Take a pie pan and fill with warm water from the tap.

Soak a rice sheet in the water then lay it on a damp dish towel.

Take a scoop of rice and lay it in the middle on the bottom, about ¼ of the way down.

Lay down some of each of the veggies.

Lay sides of rice paper in the middle.  Roll the bottom up and then roll the entire thing. (we were actually having a lot of fun, despite the serious looks on our faces! We look hysterical!)

Dip in a variety of sauces!!!  Here are our gluten free choices.

Enjoy your veggies!!


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