Week two, down!

30 Jul

Week two was spent in the cool mountain air of Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Even though I spent pretty much the entire trip inside, my family got to hike and walk in the creek and so much more.  That air is just so fresh and wonderful!  We went with Lucky’s family and the cousins had a blast playing together.

Still off Plaquenil and the immunosuppressant.  Still on 1/4 Lexapro, and now attempting 1/2 a Prilosec.  Also, tonight I will try to come off sleeping pill by replacing it with Melatonin.  I have heard this is a natural sleep aid.  We shall see…..

Symptoms are definitely getting worse.  My hair is falling out again like mad, I have sores in both sides of my nose, my spots on my scalp are  more bothersome, and the nerve issues are here (hands and feet fall asleep randomly).  I am also back to taking really long naps.  Most of them are at least 2 hours.  If this is what I see on the outside, what on earth is happening on the inside?  Time will tell!

I have eaten exactly as I should- even on vacation.  I packed salad and ate cold soup both on the way there and on the way back.  And I snacked on apples.  I will admit to tearing up and a little pity party after the family got Blizzards about 3 hours away from home.  But Luck got me some gluten free coconut milk ice cream (cookie dough…yum!) for me when we got home. Good guy 🙂


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