Week one, DOWN!

22 Jul

I have now been off both of my Lupus meds for a week!  I no longer need coffee, I am on 1/4 of my antidepressant (weaning VERY SLOWLY off this one) and I am feeling….well, a little better?!?!  I still feel like crap a lot….but this is a huge step!

Like I said below, the insomnia at this point would hinder my body healing…so I will tackle that pill when I am more symptom free and can afford no sleep.  I am also still on Prilosec and will deal with that another day.

I eat like a stinking rabbit.  But I am never hungry!  A pound of greens per day, plus some cooked greens and then all of the other fruits and veggies keep a girl pretty full.  I will occasionally have a little rice.  Or beans.

And guess who lost weight?!?!??!  No, not me.  My husband.  Isn’t that about right?!?!  We just laugh b/c he is so lean it is ridiculous.  He played an extra game of soccer this week, so off came a few lbs.  He has to work to put them back on.  Oh if it were that easy for me!

In all seriousness, it is quite interesting that I haven’t.  I am now starting to see a small change on the scale…but you would expect more.  However, I think this is a reflection of 1) a WHOLE lot of inflammation inside my body (that is just what Lupus does and why I feel so badly all of the time) and 2) I was already eating really well and did not get that sudden drop of water weight most “dieters” get. and 3) that CURSED Prednisone I was on for so long.

Thank you to ALL of you who have showed me some love with food, cookbooks, juicers, gift cards, etc….  This is my promise to you: I will some day do something with all of this knowledge and experience.  I will make a difference, Lord willing, in other people’s lives the way YOU have made a difference in mine.

Pressing on toward health,



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