Day 5 and the start of 6.

20 Jul

Day 5: No coffee.  Took Prilosec.  Took 1/2 antidepressant.  Took vitamins and at perfectly all day.  No dairy, egg, meat, anything other than fruits and veggies.  Again, none of my Lupus meds.  Yay!  I felt good for the first half of the day.  So good, I called Luck and told him I felt normal!  By afternoon, I crashed and never left the couch the rest of the day.  But still, a win in my book!

Day 6: No coffee, 1/4 antidepressant, Prilosec. Had my “salad in a blender” for breakfast.  Gone are the days of super yummy shakes.  Now I drink ones that are just plain good for me.  Today I had a kale stalk, a TON of Romaine (packed in), and entire carrot, milled flax seeds, peaches, raspberries, and some almond milk with a splash of cranberry juice and cinnamon.  It is palatable. And good for me!

I press on and I have hope.  Real hope!  And have not had any of my Lupus meds since Wednesday morning.  Whoa!


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