Days 3 and 4

18 Jul

Day 3: Tough day.  Very low energy.  Very low appetite.  Ate only fruits and veggies.  Skipped coffee altogether.  Took 1/2 a Prilosec.  Took sleeping pill….can’t take insomnia for now.  I will get off this other stuff now and deal with that later.  But if this heals my body, I won’t have insomnia.  That would be nice!  I cried a lot.  Not sure if this is b/c of meds coming out of my system or just loneliness of going through this process.

Day 4: Headache, body ache.  My energy was better than the day before. All fruits and veggies except 2 pieces of gluten free bread.  No coffee.  Did Body Pump with full weights, but couldn’t do boot camp because of headache and acidic stomach.  Back to a full Prilosec I go (for now).

When your life involves food and friends and pills that make you feel better, you don’t realize the underlying loneliness that may be there.  Take that stuff away and I am faced with it. Even close friends find it easier to stay an arms length away during this.  I guess this vegan thing and detox off my drugs is weird!  And I will give you that…because it is!  But it is like having a garage sale…you weed out things that need to be gone.  I am realizing who and what matter to me.  And I am SO grateful for this journey!  Wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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