No coincidence.

15 Jul

Yesterday, Luck and I started the day together and prayed.  We asked God to make it VERY clear if I should get off of my meds.

I drank water all day.  At dinner time I had some veggies (thanks, Gretchen!) then later, some watermelon.  I connected with a Registered Dietitian yesterday who has successfully gotten off of her Lupus meds through diet.  She is a patient of Dr. Furhman, the man who wrote the books I am following.  She told me NOT to do the water fast yet.  But to wean off meds then do the water fast in a few months.

I was bed ridden for the majority of the day yesterday.  Didn’t really get up from 2 until bedtime.  All day I read articles and books and asked God for wisdom.

At 9 pm, I received a call from a lady who heard about me through her BodyPump instructor. She called to tell me her daughter (age 17) got off all of her meds 2 months ago. (We were on the same meds.)  She has relied on her diet alone and is 100% better.  That, my friends, is NO coincidence.  I needed a clear sign. I got one!

Why I do what I do:

And no, my hubs doesn’t usually wear a sombrero!

So last night, I stopped my nighttime meds.  I am weaning off my sleeping pill and my antidepressant.  Oh, and coffee.  The rest, cold turkey (remember, I am getting this advice from my MD).  Today, I will eat strictly vegan.  I teach BodyPump in a few minutes and pray that will go well.

Thanks for following!


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