Opposites attract.

10 Jul

My sweet hubs is an engineer to the core.  Our life…our entire life….is on a spreadsheet.  You think I am kidding or exaggerating?  I am not.  I am grateful that it is people like him that work on crack growth on airplanes.  We need people who care SO MUCH about each and every tiny detail.  And who love to track data.  Our planes would not be safe without them. (I DON’T think we need people tracking how accurate our weather forecasts are for two years….but that is a whole different story.  And I love you for that, too!)

But I am not quite wired that way.  I just sort of go along and maybe remember a general idea of something.  So the fact that I have not been journaling and tracking my symptoms with what I am doing to combat it all is hard for him.  Only because he wants to figure out the pattern in the data and adjust what we are doing and find our solution.  I totally get that!

So here is my attempt to find the middle ground.  When I do write it down, I put it on some scratch piece of paper I find a week later and throw away because I can’t remember what on earth that rambling is.  I will try and be better about using this as a journal.

This week, I have eaten vegan.  Every day has started with one of my kale and lettuce shakes.  I have stayed almost completely inside.  I have had my normal stomach pain daily, been extremely exhausted, and along with being feverish and all of the other symptoms, have added some new ones. One of them is that I am getting headaches.  I have had this one for about 5 days now.  At night it is incapacitating.  Any and all lights have to be off.  The rest of the time it is annoying.  Also, my limbs are falling asleep.  My hands and arms fall asleep all through the night.  My feet will do it, as well.  Mental confusion has been pretty high. And though I have taught all of my classes, exercise has been very difficult.

So there you have it.  It is not a spreadsheet, but it is at least written down where I can find it!  Lucky, thanks for caring and for taking such good care of me.  I know that this is much harder on you than on me.  I look forward to this being behind us and a sweet memory of our family pulling together and making it through.  And secretly, I do think a lot of those spread sheets come in handy.  Well, some of them, anyway 🙂


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