4 Jul

This past year, I have faced one of my greatest fears.  I have been witness to one of the most horrific moments imaginable.   And you know what it did to me?  It made me realize that there is  really nothing to fear.  And so I am no longer scared of cancer.  And I  am no longer scared of a lot of things. And for your viewing pleasure, I  am also no longer scared of the Breathtaker at camp.  I think it is  hysterical to watch.  This is something I would not have done for MONEY  even last year.  But this year, I went for it and it was so worth it.  I  even told them to not listen to me.  I told them to pull me however  high they wanted no matter what I said.  And they pulled me as high as I  could go.  Such fun!


[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]renderVideo(“video_player_7248227584”,’’,400,300,’,,,,’)


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