4 Jul

I had a little chat with my doctor yesterday.  He is keeping me on the same medicine.  It will take a full 4 months to see how effective it is (it has only been 2).  I am OFF Predinose right now (yeehaw!).  Still take enough other stuff to put most old folks to shame :).

I am currently in a flare.  Enough said.

What we really needed to chat about yesterday was the sun.  He said he only has one other patient who is as photosensitive (or light sensitive) as me.  And he is strongly encouraging me to stay completely out of the sun and most artificial lighting, as well.  Basically, he is seeing the sun and the lights as what could be keeping me so sick.

So I got this REALLY cool bathing suit. Starts at my neck, goes all of the way down my arms to my fingers and down my body to my feet.  Not an inch of my body is uncovered!  It is hysterical!  I look like I am going surfing!

And I am the embarrassed proud owner of this:

Craziness!  I am now considered by the State of Texas permanently disabled. The long walks in the crazy Texas heat with UV rays reflecting like mad off of parking lots…..well, they are probably causing me to be sick.

Maybe my looking silly in the hats and my rockin’ bathing suit, etc., won’t be so bad to my kids because we get rock star parking everywhere we go.

So here is the oxymoron: An instructor at the gym who parks in the handicapped spot 🙂


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