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4 Jul

I have been doing some reading and talking to some people.  A year ago, I decided this little blog would be a place for me to journal my natural approach to getting healthy.  It has become my quite toxic approach.  An approach full of lots and lots of drugs.

Well, now that I am here a year later and can’t say I am much better than I was, I am ready to make a pretty drastic change.

I have read people conquering Lupus through their diet alone. It would require me being vegan (a vegetarian who eats NO animal products whatsoever, including eggs and dairy) and of course, gluten free.  This is drastic.  Even for me, who eats vegetarian…going vegan is MUCH harder.

But I have stomach aches ALL day long.  Literally.  I am so tired of eating.  I just am sick of feeling bad.  And I know that food will bring the stomach aches.

Here is my plan:  I am not going to do this without my doctor.  So this is the first phase of my plan, and my goal for this week: I am going to ATTEMPT to get his email address or get him to talk to me on the phone.  He is my age and we get along well.  I am one of his patients that he knows and just chit chats with.  HOWEVER, I don’t know how he will feel about this.  Most doctors are not on board with “nutritional healing.”  But I need him. I want him monitoring my blood levels, etc…I don’t want to get worse.  I want to get better.

I am going to present him with the articles and books that I have read. And I want him to help me to replace my meds completely.  That is right. COMPLETELY.  If I don’t feel any better than I did a year ago, then I want off.  I could actually afford to eat organically if we were not buying all of my MEDS!

I realize I am setting myself up to look like a fool.  I may be back on here in a few months saying that it was all a pipe dream.  And honestly, it IS.  But I don’t want to not give it a try.

So here is to my week of recovering from camp. It was a blast and I am now so sick and weak because of all of the fun we had.  And here is to my week to conquering my fears of asking the doc to go natural.

How are you going to change things this week?  Is there a natural change you want to make?  Follow me!  And I will follow you!


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