How to cut a watermelon.

8 Jun

I realize this is not rocket science.  But a few years ago, I came up with my own way of cutting watermelon.  Here are the benefits, as I see them:

1) It only takes a few minutes and the entire thing is chopped.

2) You don’t have to have watermelon dripping from your chin to eat it off of the rind.  I know some people actually enjoy that part.  Not me.

3) There is hardly any waste.

4) We eat a LOT more watermelon because of #’s 1, 2, and 3.

Get a watermelon that has a nice “sun spot” (even though it is not from the sun) and one that is not a dark green, but starting to yellow.

First, take that puppy and cut it in half.

Lay one of the flat sides down and slice off the top.

Now take your knife and run it down each side.

Repeat until it is a naked little guy.

Now start about an inch off of the top and slice across the watermelon.  Leave your hand on top of the fruit to hold it in place. (I needed my hand to hold the camera!)

Then repeat every inch or so until you get to the bottom.

Now, keep the watermelon where it is, but turn your knife up/down, and start slicing the other way, 90 degrees from where you just sliced.

Repeat every inch or two until you have gone to the end.

Voila!  Gently nudge your pile-o-goodness and you will have a whole bunch of bite sized watermelon pieces! Repeat with the other half or saran wrap it until you are ready for the rest.

What is more, watermelon is PACKED with nutrition.  You get Vitamin C, Vitamin A (in the beta carotene form), and lycopene!  It is a great way to cool your family off while doing their bodies good.  Happy summer!


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