Appliance love.

4 Jun

I had the great pleasure of getting two new fabulous appliances for my bday.  Both set of parents and Luck all combined to make this the best birthday gift receiving ever!

First, I got a new Cuisinart coffee make.  I am a coffee LOVER.  You put beans in whole and this baby grinds and brews all in a few minutes.  The freshest, best coffee ever!  It does sound like an airplane is taking off in my kitchen, but that is just a reminder of the goodness I am about to enjoy.

Secondly, I got a Blendtec.  It is a cousin to the more famous VitaMix.  But it fits nicely under my counter, comes in red, grinds rice so that I can make my own rice flour (Vitamix requires a second container for dry grinding), AND is available at Bed Bath, & Beyond with a 20% coupon.   You do not NEED one of these to make the shake I am about to share.  I used my Cuisinart for a long, long time.  This appliance makes it much easier.  But don’t let that stop you from making this for breakfast, lunch, snack, or a light dinner:

Here is what I used today, but you can use anything your heart desires.  I used a whole carrot (not peeled b/c I buy organic), a whole apple, English cucumber, squash, broccoli, frozen loose spinach, frozen blueberries, milled flax seeds, almond butter, almond milk, and pomegranate juice.

Add about this much almond milk:

Throw in a nice amount of the pom juice.

Then take all those veggies (leave them whole if your blender has the horsepower)and put them on top of the liquid.

Sprinkle in a good amount of this:

Keep your ground flax seeds it in the fridge or freezer, or grind your own in a coffee grinder.  To get all of the nutritional value out of flax seeds, you gotta grind them.  Otherwise, they serve as a great fiber source 🙂  Meaning, most of them will pass through you whole and your body won’t get the Omega 3 goodness from them.

Next, spoon in some almond butter.  I like this one b/c it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and because almonds are so good for you.  If you prefer another nut butter, go for it.  I think that adding the nut butter makes this shake substantial and will allow me to 1) not throw up my vitamins 🙂 and 2) stay full until the next meal:

Now you are ready to pour in whatever frozen fruit you feel like.  The kids usually pick when they are drinking them.  And they almost always pick blueberries or strawberries.  Here is your warning:  if you pick blueberries, your teeth will be blue and you should NOT take it on the go!  Give yourself a little time to brush your teeth after 🙂

Blend it all into oblivion.  Pour and enjoy.  Reid cheers when I make him one.  Dani cringes as she sees what goes in it, but always admits she likes it.  It is taking that first sip that is the hard part.  Once she does, she likes it! Lucky loves these, too.  But he dislikes cucumbers and so he only likes them if I leave those babies out.

Can you imagine how good your body will feel if you start having these every day?  It is hard to get all of the recommended veggies in.  This makes it a cinch.  AND they are all fresh veggies.  Honestly, you can throw in literally ANY veggie.  Kale, cabbage, Romaine, cauliflower, WHATEVER!  The beauty is that you taste the pom juice and the frozen berries.  You can always start by adding some honey or something sweet if you need it.  Sometimes I make it with chocolate almond milk for the kids.  But eventually, you will learn you don’t need that.

Being vegetarian has taken my taste buds to a whole new level.  I truly taste more flavors now.  I get the depth of flavors more than I even did before.  And I have always had an acute sense of taste.  Which is a blessing when good food is around and a curse when it isn’t!

Happy eating, and happy blending!  Please tell me if you ever take the plunge and start making these!  I will be happy to help you get started 🙂

And SERIOUSLY, if this doesn’t make my Lupus better…what on earth will?????


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