Cloudy San Diego

11 May

This year, I had the privilege (thanks to my parents for keeping the kids and frequent flier miles from Luck’s travels) to go with Luck to a conference in San Diego.  It was nothing short of awesome.

Sunny San Diego was 100% cloudy, it seemed.  Therefore, I could be outside!  What a blessing.  We ate some food that was…well, perfection on a plate.  I did a ton of research on places to go.  Between recommendations from friends, folks who have lived there, the internet, and food network, we had no misses.  I got to eat out two meals a day alone.  Then Luck and I would go eat for dinner and most days, dessert, as well. 

I took pictures of food and journaled every meal.  It is how Lucky and I roll.  So if you ever go there, let us know.  Same with Cayman.  We journaled that, as well!  Never know if we will get to go back, so we must have notes just in case!

The last day was sunny, so I would jump out in to the sun, take a pic, and get back inside. Here we are on the Midway.  It is funny looking at airplanes with a bunch of aerospace engineers.  I was quite amused with their bantering.  And they were not TRYING to be nerdy….But, well, anywho.

Me and my honey.  We were refreshed and ready to come home to the kiddos.  Thank you so much to my parents.  It was so good to be away and so good to come home.  We are blessed.


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